Let’s Play Doll’s House!

ladislaus dsouza
by Ladislaus D'Souza
Let’s Play Doll’s House!
Recently, Ireland made history, albeit in the wrong realm, becoming probably the first Christian country to constitutionally legalize so called same-sex marriage. Shocked, Averthanaus L D’Souza, in his article “The Myth of Same-sex Marriage” in the Bombay Archdiocesan Weekly, The Examiner (Vol 166 - No. 28 / 11-17 July 2015) rues the fact that by such a heinous act as this it has earned the distinction of seeking “to change the Natural Law itself”, and in the process of attempting “to ‘re-define’ the nature of marriage . . . . has shown itself to be devoid of social values and disrespectful of Nature and Nature’s God.” Simply put, Ireland has lost its soul even as Saint Patrick might be squirming uncomfortably in his saintly abode.
As for the possibility of incest being ‘de-criminalized’, that has already happened in Switzerland where the act is now legal, moral values all be damned! So it’s a matter of time before Ireland follows suit, other supposedly Christian nations not lagging too far behind.
“I bride, you bride’s groom, ok?” - What the proponents of same-sex marriage obviously overlook is that legalizing such unions is tantamount to obtaining undue legitimacy for playing doll’s house for the rest of one’s life, the playing of non-reality in real life with full backing of state laws. I guess most kiddies go through what one may call the ‘transvest’ stage, i.e. a period of time in one’s growth when cross-dressing has its own fascination. But it’s a fascination we all sooner or later outgrow, effectively coming to terms with the reality of our own individual identity as male or female. Take the case of Carl who, when growing up often dressed in his sister’s negligee and his mama’s shoes, with a little help from couzins who were extra generous in terms of makeup and what not! Strangely, the guy got himself incardinated into that style of dressing through adulthood. When he was discovered masquerading as Carla in starry hotels as a professional hooker, the excuse he gave was, “Well, as a boy, when I used to dress up as a girl, my Mom never ever scolded or prevented me.” So too with playing doll’s house; among siblings, one became a bride, the other the bridegroom. But they as well as the adults in the family knew it was purely a game, a fun thing. Contrarily, what the proponents of same-sex unions are demanding today is legitimacy for such a game to be played lifelong, conveniently ignoring the fact that such a move is neither needed nor deserved and, thus, least desired. Come to think of it - if intellectuals in developed nations cannot tell reality from farce, where humanity per se is headed is anybody’s guess. At the cost of sounding crass, could it be that ‘intellectuals’ in developed countries don’t even know the difference between a nut and a bolt?
Playing to the gallery - This brings us to the situation on home ground. In India, while one may have no problem with accepting members of the LGBT community for what each of them is or wants to be accepted as, the day may not be long when some maverick politician, with his eye on prospective vote-banks, comes up with an ingenious bill to be passed in Parliament or some state legislature in the Indian Union, demanding legislation imitating Ireland.
sec24 30all 1 Secular Citizen Vol.24 No.30
Choice v/s necessity? - Frankly, not all gays or lesbians can be said to be so by choice, many probably struggling to get out of the rut. To prevent Indian society in general and Catholics in particular from hurtling toward perdition, could the Church develop a mechanism whereby the issue could be discussed threadbare at various levels and a system put in place whereby problem cases are identified in time and counselling is put to the maximum use in the correctional mode? Methinks this is eminently possible, given the network of educational and medical facilities operated by the Church and its institutions across the length and breadth of the country, many of its qualified medical personnel belonging to the Christian minority community. What’s needed is a will and a desire to act in the interest of humankind by working with fellow believers and non-believers alike towards debunking the myth that same-sex union really is.