H. J. Goveas

London City

"Gerald..., what happened baby.....? Since the last hour, you haven't been speaking to me...what have I done....? Please do tell me baby...." Ruefina chokingly clutched my arm in her persuasion at which I angrily sulked at her over my shoulder and threw my glance over the window.

Ruefina was perplexed! She withdrew her hand which clutched my arm and was saddened.

The train hauled at 'Queens'. I threw my glance at my wrist watch, it was 8.20PM. There were still 25 minutes left for us to reach 'Earls Court' muttered under my breath as I was drawn back to my flashback.

Ruefina is my wife. She was bestowed with such beauty that any woman claming the miss world title would shy off from her presence.

After completing my MBA, I joined a reputed American company in Delhi and worked for 5 years, on a health pay package and was the master of my will.

Ruefina was in search of a job, she came to our company along with her certificates. She was a gold medallist in computer science.

I had a drop to the MD's (Managing Director's) cabin for some official work. On my way out, my sight fell on Ruefina, who was proceeding towards the MD's cabin.

For that moment I forgot myself! Her grace, her radiant smile, her goddess chiseled figure, got her awe struck to put it simply. She had the attraction that no man could resist.

She greeted me with the soft smile and entered the cabin. For a moment or two I just stood there; then I fled to my cabin.

That beauty, those same recurring instances clouded my mind. Those features had weakened me. Soon after, I recovered. Two days passed, I did not meet that damsel again. I didn't know a thing about her, who would answer my queries about her?

Yes I should ask the MD and calm my anxious mind. Based on this conclusion, I went to meet the MD at his leisure. (Being the section chief of Asia and Europe, I had no problems in linking with the MD)

Based on the MD's information, I was updated that the girl was refused due to lack of

Experience and responsibilities. Although she was asked to come later, preparing herself to suit the company.

Hearing this, I was saddened. I requested MD for her Bio-data file and returned with it to my cabin.

After deeply scrutiny of her certificates, I realized that no one could question her eligibility for the post in the company she had applied for; I contacted her and asked her to meet me in the company immediately.

Ruefina refused to work in our company. I pleaded to her, but her decision was firm and she rejected my prospects that saddened me.

That later part of the day was gloomy and I could not complete my work further. I gave a word to my personal secretary and left to a restaurant.

I ordered for a cup of coffee and was lost in her thoughts.

Suddenly I recalled something!!

I realized that if she was not interested to work in the company, then what prompted her to leave her bio-data file back? This question further cemented my attraction towards her. The next moment I finished my coffee and left to her residence to meet her.

She lived with her parents along with her younger brother in a specious apartment.

The door was opened at the instance of door bell sending. Ruefina had attended it!

She recognized me and greeted, with her silence smile and questioned- "I am not interested to

work in your company, so why did you come here to seek me......?"

"Won't you ask me to come in.......?" I asked her in the same calmness.

"No...." she replied "Just wait there, I will be back out" She withdrew herself back shutting the door.

I was hurt by her gesture, but option less I stayed back.

Ruefina returned back dressed within 5 minutes. For a moment, I left myself to wonder about the beauty of this graceful doll and visualized her featured deep my heart.

"Let's go" she was quick and sharply entered the lift.

Reaching down, I drew my footsteps toward my car.

"I will come in my car, I don't have to bother you to come and leave me back" Without waiting for my reply she got into her car and drew off.

I didn't lose a moment, annoyed by her strange behavior though I was, to calm my restlessness, I followed her.

After driving of about half an hour, her car parked in front of a big building. She got out of her car and walked toward my car, so I too got out.

She pointed her finger to the building and said, "I have a flat in this building on the 3rd floor. I come here to read books when I get depressed. In one way you could call it a library for sure....."

I was dumb founded. Lot of questions clouded my mind.

We reached the 3rd floor and Ruefina unlocked the door of her flat.

Finding the flat designed with hundreds of books stacked neatly, I was stunned!

She asked me to take a seat, while she took the chair in front of me. "Yes, so now tell me although I have refused..... why, you after me....?"

"You refused or you were rejected......?"

"Rejected.....?" she laughed "Who told you that.....?"

"The MD told me so......" I replied immediately "If you had refused then why you had, left your bio-data file back....?"

"Yes, you have a point. But I left the cabin, in a hurry....."

"In a hurry, you say......?"

Her face was expressionless.

"You are still naive and gullible in taking responsibilities and have not enough experience. Isn't it, the reason why MD has rejected you.....?"

"Since your MD has rejected me on account of my incompetence, why does it matter to you.....?"

"On surveying your records, certificates, your qualification and taking into account the experience you had drafted in your bio-data...."

"So your MD is lesser judge than you.....?"