Tribal Christian's - Alcoholism & Infighting


In some of the Tribal areas of Rajasthan & Gujarat some Jain Monks are involved in converting the tribals to Jainism. After converting to Jainism the tribals have abandoned alcoholism & infighting becaue the Jain monks teach these tribals the various rules & regulations from the holy book of the Jain’s i.e. the Kalpa Sutra. The Christian (catholic,protestant,baptist,etc) Missionaries are also involved in converting Tribals to Christianity in many parts of India. But the status of Tribals has not changed that’s because the Christian missionaries do not teach the tribals the various rules and regulations of the Bible. The Christian Missionaries are merely trying to convert the tribals by giving free food, medicine, clothes, etc and the Tribals are merely converting to escape the clutches of local Hindu Zamindars and to get allurements from the Christian Missionaries.
In the 1970s & 80s the Christian Missionaries aggressively focused on converting the Dalit Hindus to Christianity. Some of the Dalit Hindus converted to Christianity merely to escape the caste system of Hinduism. After converting to Christianity the Dalits found out that the caste system also exist in Christianity due to which it became difficult for the Christian Missionaries to convert other dalit hindus. Hence from the 1990’s the Christian Missionaries shifted their focus to converting the Tribals.
In 2008 in Kandhmal most of the clergy and missionaries fled to the safety of Kerala, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mangalore leaving the Tribal Christians at the mercy of the facist Hindutva Organizations (rss-vhp-bajrangdal).
The Protestant Britishers did not come to India to prosetylize but to take over the trade routes from the Portuguese and sabotage the catholic mission of the Portuguese. The Britishers gave tremendous business opportunities to the Marwaris, Gujratis, Sindhis, Jains & Parsis this explains why this five communities are the most prosperous communities ofcourse the Marwaris, Gujratis, Sindhis, Jains & Parsis also have excellent entrepreneurial skills.
All Jains have Hindu names. All Jains apart from worshipping Mahavira also worship Hindu gods especially Ganpati, Laxmi, Durga, Krishna. Many Jain industrialists, businessmen, traders, diamond merchants are providing tons of donations to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council). Some leaders and office bearers of the VHP are from the Jain community. The Jains are promoting the cause of right wing Hindutva organizations.
Jain religion is fundamentally opposed to the seven vices like polygamy, adultery, addiction to alcholic drinks, harlotry and gambling. Women from this religion are saved from the torture that results from these evils.
Three major problems which most Christians in India face are – One inability to get Government jobs / facilities / housing; Two inability to get admission in Christian Schools, colleges, institutions; Three continuous threat from facist hitlerite hindutva organizations i.e. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh – Vishwa Hindu Parishad – paramilitary Bajrang Dal – shiv sena.
The rss-vhp-bajrangdal-shivsena follow the strategy of Adolf Hitler and his propaganda minister Josef Goebel. Ofcourse without the support of the ias/ips officers the rss-vhp-bajrangdal-shivsena will not be able to function even for a day. More than 90% of ias/ips officers in India are from the Hindu community. There are a few Christian ias/ips officers whom the Vishwa Hindu Parishad accuses of helping Christian missionaries. The VHP wants the dismissal of all Christian ias/ips officers.
Through the Ayodhya verdict the Hindutvawadis want to set right all historical wrongs. Todays Muslims must make amends for what the Muslim princess did centuries ago. All ancient Hindu temple sites must be restored. They forget that even Hindu princess looted their own temples, Buddhist viharas were converted into Hindu temples, Jains were harassed, Shaivite temples were turned into Vaishnavite temples and vice versa.
The activities of Hindutvawadis, Maoists, Islamic Terrorists, Christian Missionaries, Corrupt Politicians / bureaucrats/ govt.servants are the major dangers facing the Indian nation. There is also another danger. The Hindus & Muslims are in competition with each other in the numbers game this explains why the population of the Hindus & Muslims keeps on rising and a day will come when the water will reach till the neck and there will be a great battle for survival.
US President Barack Obama will visit Bombay in November 2010 to pay homage to the victims of 26/11 Bombay terror attacks. Very nice. When his Air Force One is about to land in Bombay the first things which Obama will see from his Boeing 747 is the thousands of slums around the sahar/santacruz airport and if at all Obama decides to visit any of the slums in Bombay he will encounter a lot of excreta, gutter water and garbage. By paying bribes to the BMC, police, corporators, rationoffice & slumlords the migrants from other parts of India got an excellent opportunity to encroach land all over bombay in broad daylight. And since the slumdwellers are the vote banks so now they are being rewarded with free apartments under the SRA scheme. The SRA scheme was the brainchild of the Shiv Sena to get votes of slumdwellers who were traditionally Congress voters. Those slumdwellers who get the free apartments sell it off for 10 to 15 Lakhs and again bribe local officials,slumlords and encroach new territory and this cycle keeps on repeating. Like Bombay (you can call it Slumbai or Mumbai), Goa is also going in the same direction. Migrants are encroaching land in Goa by bribing local officials & politicians and once these migrants become vote banks they will get free housing.
Alongwith the Hindutva agenda the Shiv Sena also has other agendas. Some of which are. One to prevent Bombay from becoming a Union territory. Two to prevent Konkan from becoming a State, Three to prevent non-maharashtrians from getting jobs in Bombay. Four to wipe out the British history from Bombay. Five to merge Goa with Maharashtra. Six to change the name of Goa to Govapuri. Seven to force non-maharashtrians to learn the marathi language….what is the point in the non-maharashtrians in Bombay learning the marathi language when it is only the maharashtrians who are going to get jobs in bmc, police, state undertakings,etc.
The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) during the last two years has written innumerable letters to Obama to speak up against the atrocities against minorities in India. But so far Obama has remained silent. Prior to Obama’s Visit to India the USCIRF has again written a letter to Obama to speak with the Indian prime minister about the atrocities against minorities in India. Whether Obama speaks or not speaks is irrelevant that’s because the communal poison which the Hindutvawadis ( rss-vhp-bajrangdal-shivsena-etc) have spread has gone far and wide in India. Behind the present day tribulations of India’s minorities ( Muslims, Christians, etc ) lies an insecurity pumped into the Hindu majority by a pre-meditated five-decade campaign that portrayed Muslims and Christians as disloyal, anti-national or criminal. Militant nationalists always need an enemy in order to grow. Hitler had the Jews. In India there are the minorities within and Pakistan, China and the West outside.
The Catholic Clergy (Bishops, Priests) want the lay catholics to have more children but the catholic clergy don’t want to utilize church assets – resources – vacant properties for the benefit of lay catholics and don’t want to reserve 25% seats in catholic schools for children of lay catholics majority of whom are poor. Most lay catholics are aware that the clergy will not bother about the economic upliftment of lay catholics but cannot do anything due to fear of being excommunicated from the church. The only option left with the lay catholics is to setup their local village level associations, trusts, panchayats and help each other. The lay catholics associations should also train lay catholics in Combat so that the lay catholics are prepared for self-defence as and when the enemy decides to replicate the anti-christian kandhmal experiment in other parts of India. The lay catholics will also have to ensure that as many catholics become ias/ips officers as possible and as many catholics apply for jobs in government departments, municipalities, defence forces, etc.
Jesus Christ’s life was not of Secularism. Jesus Christ life was a struggle against the corrupt political & religious leaders of his time. But what we see today is the bishops, cardinals, priests, pastors are living a secular life and not doing anything to fight corruption because these religious leaders are themselves involved in many corrupt activities especially in selling away vacant church properties and misusing church funds.
Openspaces, gardens, playgrounds, mangroves, saltpanlands, farmer/tribal lands, etc everything is being encroached by the state, builders lobby, sez lobby, mining lobby, slumlord & slumdwellers (votebank) lobby. Development is good only if the locals benefit but what is happening in India is the locals are being displaced and their lands & job opportunities are being eaten up by outsiders.
If Politicians wanted to serve people they would have been social workers and not politicians. From top to bottom everybody is into Politics to make easy money. And if Politicians are corrupt and greedy obviously the government servants, bureaucrats, etc will also be corrupt and greedy.
Jorge D’souza