Bombay's Catholics v/s Maharashtra State & Bombay Muncipal Corporation.



The fact that so many Catholics prefer laziness, inactivity and mediocrity to excellence, success, and reaching their full potentials should be more alarming. You want results Catholics? Then get off your lazy butts. Cast off your laziness and mediocrity and exchange it for diligence and excellence and awaken your Church from its spiritual slumber. Awake, sleeper, and arise from the dead [lifeless faith], and Christ will shine on you.

The Maharashtra state not satisfied with acquiring the agricultural lands of the catholic natives in Bombay is now in the process of converting records in collectors office to prove that the catholic villages in Bombay are slums and catholics living there are land encroachers. An example is Sahar where catholic villages have been declared slums making it easier for the airport authorities to bulldoze these catholic villages.

Due to the stiff opposition to the Special Economic/Entertainment Zone from the catholics living in Gorai-Manori-Uttan region the Maharashtra state is now in the process of intimidating the catholics living there by allowing pagodas, garbage dumping grounds, etc to be set up in the gorai-manori-uttan region. The Maharashtra state is also not interested in protecting the lungs ( openspaces, mangroves, saltpanlands ) of Bombay.

The Bombay Muncipal Corporation has invented a system wherein catholics living in villages are prevented from demolishing their old dilapidated houses to construct a new structure. This has resulted in an acute housing problem in catholic villages. The BMC is also supplying less water to catholic villages in Bombay compared to the slums and housing societies that surround these villages. All this proves the anti-catholic agenda of BMC.

150 years back 80% of Bombay's population was catholic and the rest 20% were Kolis. Today only 5% of Bombay's population is catholic and most of these catholics live in penury because of the anti-catholic policies of the Maharashtra state and the Bombay Muncipal Corporation.

The Roman Catholic Church did nothing to help the catholic natives of Bombay. The Roman Catholic Church in Bombay has no political will, it only believes in numbers and head counts at the Sunday Mass.

Marriage certificates, baptism certificates, caste certificates issued by the roman catholic church in Bombay has no validity in Bombay municipal corporation, Courts or any government department in Bombay this proves the roman catholic church in Bombay does not have any political clout in Bombay. The Roman Catholic Church is also scarred to demand a quota in government jobs for bombay's catholic youth.

So this is it, the Catholic community, is a peaceful quiet community, controlled under duress, a few leaders but all rubber stamp type. The only fire and brimstone is during the sermons in the Church. Peace Marches happen, Candle light marches happen but majority of the catholics in Bombay live in penury.

After 1970 :-
1. The catholic clergy stopped utilizing vacant church properties for the housing needs of poor catholics and instead started selling away the vacant church properties to non-catholics. The parishioners are not informed of what the clergy do with the money received from sale of church properties. The vacant properties in possession of the catholic church in Bombay were donated in the past by poor old childless catholic couples.
2. The catholic missionaries stopped serving poor catholics and went to serve poor non-catholics living in slums.
3. Catholic hospitals stopped giving concessions to poor catholics and started giving concessions to poor non-catholics.
4. Catholic schools/colleges/institutions ignored poor catholics.

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Inspite of all the Harassment, intimidations and strong arm tactics by the Maharashtra state, Bombay municipal corp, collectors office, politicians, mafia, builders & slumlords the Catholic Natives of Bombay have carried on with life because of their deep faith in Blessed Mother Mary and Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

-Marc Dsouza