Roce Ceremony

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A Roce (or Ros as it's otherwise spelt) is a traditional Mangalorean Catholic ceremony whereby the bride and groom are annointed with a mixture of coconut milk and oil (the roce), and then blessed. This often takes place on the evening before the wedding. Usually it’s followed by a hot water bath in their respective homes – supposedly the last bath as a spinster/bachelor. This signifies a change to married life.

Roce is applied/poured on the bride/groom; one, two or three days before the wedding. Roce symbolizes purity, just like the white coconut milk. Coconut comes from nature and use of it in the pre-wedding ceremony shows our dependence on our Creator and Mother Nature. Similarly, in Biblical times, oil was used to anoint the kings and leaders to bless them.

Traditionally it is believed as a ceremony to bless the person on their last day of virginity. The bride/groom and bridesmaids/groomsmen are seated in front of the gathering.