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Scholars down the centuries have time and again described Chanakya as a rare mastermind who could be an expert in so many varied and specialized fields like management, economics, politics, law, leadership, governance, warfare, military tactics, accounting systems among many others.
As a political thinker, Chanakya was the first to visualize the concept of a 'NATION' for the first time in Human History. During his time India was split into various kingdoms. He brought all of them together under one Central Governance, thus creating a Nation called 'Aryavartha', which later became India.
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The Corporate Chanakya & You
Chanakya focused on economics... Wealth management, Wealth creation, accounting systems was the subjects that Chanakya mastered. Every leader has to know the basics of these areas to run an organization effectively.
Chanakya was a result oriented person.... He created what he wanted not only in his mind but also in the physical form. Every leader has to be a visionary but his vision has to be converted into reality as well... Result is what finally counts
Chanakya was a strategist....Every leader in an organization has to be a strategist... Chanakya was India’s most respected strategist and his ideas are still relevant in today's modern day scenario.
Chanakya's decisions were based on data and information... Today any leader in an organization needs to take decisions. These decisions cannot be taken without relevant data and information. Data is the basics of strategy
Chanakya taught political science..... Even organization’s leader knows that everything he does is connected to government policies & regulations. If a business group has to be effective they have to work closely with the governments political thinking...
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