An Open Letter To The Congress-NCP Alliance


An Open Letter To The Congress-NCP Alliance

" Congress-NCP: Third time lucky "

Dear Politician-Sir,

Congratulations to you on your record third consecutive victory in the just concluded Maharashtra State Assembly Elections. You must really thank the aam aadmi ( not necessarily the marathi manoos ), for giving you this mandate, inspite of your apparent failings on several fronts including governance, law and order, development, infrastructure growth and the basic needs of the poor, dedicated and law abiding citizens of this city and State. YOU HAVE SURVIVED AS THE "LESSER EVIL".

To me, it seems to be "a sheer gift from God" that you are re-elected to govern this State. You don't deserve to - and this opportunity is given to you to right the wrongs that you have committed on the people of the City and State in the past two terms. How many more chances will you be given...?? IF YOU DON'T PERFORM THIS TIME AND DELIVER ON THE SEVERAL FRONTS MENTIONED IN PARA ONE, YOU WILL PERISH. PERIOD.

A state is as good as its people and a government is as good as its leaders. To my mind the people of this State are good, gracious and generous and you as government are corrupt, conniving and compromising. YOU ARE GIVEN A CHANCE TO REDEEM YOURSELVES AND GIVE A GOOD FUTURE FOR ALL OF MAHARASHTRA.

To my mind you have compromised, in order to stay in power. You have mingled with all and sundry and watered down the principles of honest governance, against the common man and woman. It shocks me to see the august Congress Party ( and its allies) stoop so low as to allow unruly mobs masquerading as "parties", to destroy and make unsafe a principal state like Maharashtra and the great City of Mumbai.

It takes courage to stick to the rule of law and to bring to book the perpetrator of divisive and violent politics. The people of this City and State are fed up of this "beating and violence" against innocent Indians and for you to stand up against these forces is our mandate. PLEASE HAVE THE GUTS AND GUMPTION TO TAKE FIRM AND DECISIVE ACTION AGAINST SUCH FORCES AND BELIEVE ME, YOU MAY JUST GET AN ABSOLUTE MAJORITY THE NEXT TIME ROUND.

It takes courage to carry along with you ALL people - rich and poor, farmer and industrialist, employed and underemployed - That is the greatness of a true leader. To compromise on this and lean only towards the rich and the haves and neglect the marginalized is to court ruin - their suicides and pain will lie heavy on your heads. THEY MUST ALREAD D0...!!

It takes courage to be humble and acknowledge that real power lies in the people who, after all, elect you to office. Can you get a message coming across, that the State and practically the whole of India is "giving you a mandate, to save our State and Nation" from divisive and communal forces..?? Can you see the hand of providence that is beckoning you to be on the side of "ALL" versus those who claim to be on the side of "SOME"...??? So rise up, and take decisive steps to make our great nation - India- even greater; to make our Nation a country that, in its original tenets, is a haven for all and sundry.

Thank you for what little you have done thus far. We expect more from you. I see hope in the manner and values of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and I appeal to her and the top leadership, to infuse, "truth, honesty and principled governance" into all the Central and State governments that you head in India. You are a party of open-minded people, young and fresh politicians, lofty-thinking leaders; you ride on the sacrifice of tall leaders - past and present- and the aam aadmi looks to you for sanity and peace in the land. GIVE IT TO US PLEASE....!!!!

Sincerely and in good faith
-Austin Norris