The Living Legend of Konkani Stage...

Comedy King - Francis Fernandes Cascia-

The living legend of Konkani Stage...





“If my work has given happiness and satisfaction to you and if you feel like giving me something back, then give it to me now, because I won’t be able to read what is written on my tombstone.”

-Francis Fernandes, Cascia

Francis Fernandes Cascia, a name synonymous with “Matharo Chorbela” a Konkani super hit comedy written by none other than comedy king himself, which will be celebrating a grand mile-stone soon, is a great Playwright, Director, Actor, Poet, Story-writer, philanthropist and above all a great human being with a golden heart. Even though he looks like a young man of 40, he celebrated his 65th birthday on July 14, 2009.


Born on 14th July, 1944 to Shri John Fernandes and Shrimati Santana Fernandes at Cascia in Mangalore, was the eldest of their 8 children. He managed schooling with a single pair of dress and one book for the entire academic year!  Many a time he had to go to school empty stomach.  When talking about those days he gets emotional and adds - “I have seen poverty from very close quarters and experienced hunger during my childhood.  That is why I have a soft corner towards the poor and the needy.  But many a time my charity is misinterpreted by few people.” he says with a heavy heart.  Francis is supporting few orphanages, homes for the aged and gives whole hearted support to many periodicals and Konkani Associations.


It was in 1959; Francis practiced a dance sequence from a Kannada movie named “Nala Damayanti” and performed on stage.  His performance was well received by the audience and from then onwards he started playing bit roles in Kannada stage.  His first Play ‘Kiteak Negar Kartay?’ was staged on 30th January, 1966 and was appreciated by famous Playwrights like V J P Saldanha, Simon Rasquinha, M. P. D’Sa and others.  Incidentally his was the first play in Mangalore which had female artists performing with male artists for the first time.

Like any other Mangalorean at that time, the search for greener pastures made Francis too land in Mumbai.  Luckily for him those were the Golden days of Konkani Drama.  That is when he met Lorry D’Mello the famous director of his time and they planned to stage Francis’s drama in Mumbai directed by Lorry D’Mello.  During the rehearsals Lorry got a job in the Gulf and the direction fell on Francis himself.  That play was a hit and gave enough name and fame to Francis Fernandes.  During this period he penned like ‘Voni’, ‘Aaj mhaka; Fallyam tuka’, ‘Avoi ti Avoi’ etc.  He became the first Mangalorean to stage a Konkani play in Mangalore with reputed Goan actors like M Boyer, Alfred Rose, Rita Rose etc

Francis is a Poet and has written many short stories and poems. ‘Mojea Voili Kals Nivar’, ‘Dhullimtlim Fulam’, and Konn aikot mhojo talo’ are few of his collections.  He has contributed to various periodicals in Konkani from time to time. During the seventies Gulf was the craze and like many others he also was lucky enough to get a decent opportunity in the U. A. E.  Thus in the year 1977 Francis bid good bye to Bombay.

However the love for Konkani Stage did not diminish.  He wrote a new play ‘Ghatki Samaj’ and successfully staged it in the Indian Auditorium in Dubai.  He got tremendous support from the Konkani lovers in Dubai which made him to pen another super hit Play “Dakoi Mhoji Chook” and staged in Dubai.  Meanwhile he recorded two of his super hit plays: “Maldisamv” and “ Avoi ti Avoi”  on video cassettes and successfully sold more than 3000 copies of each of them.

He has written about 35 full length plays and nearly 25 short duration plays. “Matharo Chorbela” is his latest super hit Play which is about to create a grand record in the history of Konkani Stage.

In recognition of his yeomen service in the field of Konkani Stage and literature many Institutions have felicitated and honoured him with titles, shawls, citations, etc. from time to time.


Behind every successful man there is a woman and this is very much true about Francis.  Luiza, his wife is the greatest inspiration, motivator, and supporter and has always stood by him for what he is today.  They have two children, son Johnson lives with his wife Sunita and sons Ashley Francis and  Andrew in Dubai.  Whereas daughter Flavia lives in Mumbai with hubby Hushu and daughter Rashnaz.

Since he is a teetotaller and devoid of any vices he is physically fit and healthy.

On 15th October, 2009 Francis celebrated his 50 successful years on Konkani Stage.  He had started his acting career on 15th October, 1959 and after 50 years on his 50th anniversary he was still on stage playing the lead role in “Mathrao Chorbela” a comedy written by him and directed by Shri Joy Paladka.  As far as my memory goes this is a first in Konkani Stage.  His latest production “Matharo Chorbela” is also about to create a record soon by completing 50 shows in a short span of 2 years.  This is a great achievement for Konkani Stage.


List of honours and felicitations Francis has received from Institutions/Associations in India and aboard:



Sr. No.        Year                 Name of the Institution                                            Place


1.11-11-1994 Mangalore Konkans                                                       Dubai

2.03-12-1998 St. Mary’s Konkani Association                                     Dubai

3.27-12-2001 Sangama Kalavidaru                                                     Dubai

4.31-01-2001 Daijidubai Konkani Writers Association                         Dubai

5.09-03-2002 Kannik Konkani Fortnightly                                            Mangalore

6.10-03-2002 Cascia Parish                                                                Mangalore

7.10-03-2002 Cascia Parish Old Friends Group                                 Mangalore

8.16-06-2002 Uttara Kannada Zilla Konkan Parishad, Sirsi                 Mangalore

9.17-03-2002 Bhatkal Parish Mandali                                                  Bhatkal

10. 06-04-2002 Divo llustrated Konkani Weekly                                     Mumbai

11. 07-04-2002 Konkan Taram, Jerimeri                                                Mumbai

12. 10-04-2002 Maharashtra Konkan Association                                  Mumbai

13. 10-05-2002 Baila Masala-2002                                                         Dubai

14. 06-10-2002 Catholic Sabha, Anjelore                                               Mumbai

15. 27-10-2002 Konkani Bhasha Mandal Maharashtra                           Mumbai

16. 02-11-2002 Divo Advisory Board Chairman                                     Mumbai

17. 03-11-2002 The Mangalorean Welfare Association, Vidyavihar       Mumbai

18. 04-11-2002 The Kanarites Youth Association                                  Mumbai

19. 05-11-2002 St. Joseph Konkani Catholic Association, Thane          Mumbai

20. 07-12-2002 Kalangann,Mangalore                                                    Mangalore

21. 10-01-2003 Belle Association                                                           Dubai

22. 04-04-2004 Catholic Action League                                                  Mangalore

23. 30-04-2004 St. Mary’s Konkani Community                                     Dubai

24. 21-05-2004      Mudarangadi St. Francis Association                       Dubai

25. 23-09-2004 Sharjah Konkani Community Fortuna Eng LLC            Sharjah

26. 19-12-2004 Kannada Sangh, Buraimi                                               Al Ain

27. 30-12-2004 Konkani Stars Buraimi                                                   Al Ain

28. 08-05-2005 Punov Prakashan                                                          Mangalore

29. 11-05-2005 Sacred Heart Youngster Association, Suratkal             Mangalore

30. 02-01-2006 Kanara Catholic Association, Fujairah                          Fujairah

31. 03-11-2007 Konkani Welfare Association, Mira Road                      Mumbai

32. 09-11-2007      Barkur St. Peters Association                                   Mumbai

33. 10-11-2007 St. Josephs Konkani Association, Thane                      Mumbai

34. 10-11-2007 Canara Konkani Association, Borivli                              Mumbai

35. 11-11-2007 Mangalorean Catholic Association                                Pune

36. 09-03-2008 Karnataka Sahitya Akademy                                          Mangalore

37. 09-03-2008 St. Joseph Church Parishioner, Bhatkal                       Mangalore

38. 02-05-2008 Buraimi Kannada Sangha                                              AI Ain

39. 12-04-2008 Konkani Sabha (Regd)                                                  Mumbai

40. 27-04-2008 Cascia Parishioner                                                        Mangalore

41. 26-04-2008 Shriva Parishioners Shriva                                            Mangalore

42. 28-04-2008 Jhello Konkani Monthly                                                   Mangalore

43. 30-04-2008 Botam Bolie and Sangathi                                             Mangalore

44. 01-05-2008 ICYM Neer Marg                                                             Mangalore

45. 02-05-2008 Niddodi Parishioners                                                      Mangalore

46. 03-05-2008 Catholic Sabha, Katipalla                                               Mangalore

47. 04-05-2008 Cap Cell CODP., Kallianpur                                          Mangalore

48. 05-05-2008 Dirvem Konkani Weekly                                                Mangalore

49. 06-05-2008 Nakre Parishioners                                                        Mangalore

50. 23-05-2008 Kuwait Konkans                                                             Kuwait

51. 18-09-2008 Jebel Ali Association (Konkani Community)                  Dubai

52. 31-10-2008 Karnataka Sangha (By B R Shetty)                               Dubai

53. 16-11-2008 TMA  Pai Pratishtan  and Padval Prakashan                 Mangalore

54. 05-12-2008 Pamboor Association, Karama                                     Dubai

55. 24-01-2009 Konkani Welfare Association, Vasai                              Mumbai

56. 01-02-2009 Catholic Welfare Association, Bhyander                       Mumbai

57. 23-04-2009 SVP., Karkala                                                                 Mangalore

58. 24-04-2009 Parish Council, Mudipu                                                  Mangalore

59. 25-04-2009 Parish Council, Perampalli                                            Mangalore

60. 26-04-2009 Sevak Konkani Monthly                                                  Mangalore

61. 27-04-2009 ICYM., Kundapur                                                            Mangalore

62. 28-04-2009 SVP., Paladka                                                                Mangalore

63. 01-05-2009 Uttara Kannada Zilla Konkani Parishad, Sirsi                Mangalore

64. 01-05-2009 Famad, Pernal                                                               Dubai

65. 02-05-2009 Byndoor Catholic Association                                        Dubai

66. 03-05-2009 ICYM., Vamanjoor                                                          Mangalore

67. 09-05-2009 Parish Council, Ujire                                                      Mangalore

68. 10-05-2009 Dirvem Konkani Weekly                                                Mangalore

69. 15-05-2009 MCA, Doha                                                                     Qatar

70. 15-10-2009 Konkani Group, Malvani                                                 Mumbai


Details of his Plays:

Sr. No.      Name of the Play         First Show on                 Venue               No. of Shows

1. Kiteak Negar Kortai                30-01-1996               Mangalore                   11 Shows

2. Hamv Hem Patyena                01-09-1996               Mangalore                   1 Show

3. Pordeshi                                  02-01-1966               Mangalore                   1 Show

4. Tuzo Vell Lagim Pavla            22-10-1968               Mumbai                       1 Show

5. Voni                                         08-12-1968               Mumbai                       1 Show

6. Tum Mhaka Visor                    28-09-1969               Mumbai                       7 Shows

7. Dev Tuka Bhogsumdi             09-11-1969               Mumbai                       4 Shows

8. Adevs Tuka                             14-12-1970               Mumbai                       1 Show

9. Hamv Patim Yetam                 04-01-1970               Mumbai                       1 Show

10. Avoi ti Avoi                               19-04-1970               Mumbai                       9 Shows

11. Aaz Mhaka; Falyam Tuka       15-11-1970               Mumbai                       4 Shows

12. Palva’llo Divo                           11-01-1971               Mumbai                       1 Show

13. Hamvem Kitem Kelam           14-11-1971               Mumbai                       1 Show

14. Tum  Mhaka Ashenaka           20-02-1972               Mumbai                       2 Shows

15. Bapa Tamkam Bogshi            15-11-1972               Mumbai                       2 Shows

16. Dakoi Tuzo Apradh                 11-11-1973               Mumbai                       2 Shows

17. Lipul’lo Chor                            25-11-1973               Mumbai                       1 Show

18. Bodlam                                    21-04-1974               Mumbai                       2 Shows

19. Moryad                                    06-10-1974               Mumbai                       1 Show

20. Jagrut Rav                               12-01-1975               Mumbai                       1 Show

21. Maldisamv                               13-04-1975               Mumbai                       6 Shows

22. Poili Rat                                   16-11-1975               Mumbai                       1 Show

23. Khandya Voilo Khuris              08-02-1977               Mumbai                       1 Show

24. Ghatki Samaz                         01-02-1976               Mumbai/Dubai             5 Shows

25. Streeye Tujim Kitlim Rupam   29-02-1976               Mumbai                       1 Show

26. Doiradhik  Stree                      15-08-1976               Mumbai                       1 Show

27. Sosnnikay                               03-10-1976               Mumbai                       1 Show

28. Ashrivad                                  15-08-1976               Mumbai                       1 Show

29. Devan Kello Gunyamv            20-04-1979               Dubai                           4 Shows

30. Tanne Mhaka Vikrit Kelo         02-04-1982               Dubai                           2 Shows

31. Mathlabi Sovumsar                 23-10-2003               Mumbai                       8 Shows

32. Matharo Chorbela                   03-11-2007               Mumbai                     38 Shows wishes him all the best in all his future endeavours.


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