Tulu akshara maale

Compared to other South Indian languages, Tulu doesn't possess a vast array of literary works. Tulu Mahabharata is the earliest piece of literature, from the 15th century written in Tulu script. Other manuscripts like Tulu Devimahatme, from the 15th century and two epic poems written in 17th century, namely Sri Bhagavata and Kaveri have also been found. As most of the folk and literary works have been passed down orally, it is difficult to find the original manuscripts pertaining to these works.The relationship between Tulunad and Kerala was very harmonious even in ancient times because Tulunadu was also a part of Kerala according to the puranas. Tulu Brahmins were traveling to Kerala for further studies in agama shastras or for conducting rituals in temples. The Tulu Brahmins used to write down the slokas on palmyra leaves (taalegari), which were used then for writing, in a curvy, floral style of script. Earlier it was considered as a variant of Malayalam script. But recent studies showed that this was the script used by the Brahmin scholars and later was adopted by the Kerala kings. Interestingly one can observe that the Malayalam spoken in the northern districts of Kerala and the Tulu spoken in the southern parts of Tulunadu are very much similar.








Source: www.vishwatulusammelana.com