AFJ 'Respect For Life Day ' Wins Many Hearts

Targeting Abortion With Spiritual Guardianship
AFJ 'Respect For Life Day ' Wins Many Hearts


India 's Roman Catholic population accounts for 12 million or just 1.7% of the country's 1 billion people. Through the power of prayer , a person takes on the spiritual guardianship of an unborn child, who will live and not be aborted.. Our hope is that in some distant future this effort will galvanise the Catholic Church and God's people , and through one of these "rescued" children boost the dream of "one flock under one shepherd"

The countdown for the Ambassadors For Jesus' Respect for Life Day and Spiritual Guardianship ended with the inaugural Mass celebrated at St.Mary's Catholic Church, Ripon Street , Calcutta .
The parish priest Fr.Elias D'Mello celebrated the Mass and after the Communion requested AFJ Founder Melvyn Brown to speak on Pro-Life and the idea of Spiritual Guardianship .
Melvyn made sure his message was clear : that Spiritual Guardianship would save the life of an unborn child from being aborted.

The ceremony was declared open by way of special folders, Pro-Life Prayer Cards and blessed Candles being distributed to those enrolling as spiritual guardians.  
Rev.Fr.Michael Bhaju,V-G sent his Message for the Day.

" I am happy to know that the Ambassadors For Jesus Pro-life have organized a Respect for Life Sunday ... and that the AFJ has taken this opportunity to promote their Spiritual Guardianship to save the life of an unborn child. I send my blessing to all participants and will be united in prayer..."
On the following day was " Respect for Life Sunday " and the event was blessed with a Thanksgiving Mass at St.Thomas' Catholic Church, Middleton Row. Melvyn Brown gave his talk on the AFJ Pro-life mission and the popular Spiritual Guardianship plan.

A special dinner was offered by the AFJ  and concluded the Day .
Melvyn can be contacted at the Home of Divine Mercy , 3 Elliott Road, Calcutta 700016, or call : 9433989419 for further particulars .
SERVE TO SAVE , is the AFJ slogan.