Mother Teresa

Remembering Blessed Mother Teresa

On Her Birthday - August 27 With a Psalm Thanking God For Her.

We Praise and Thank you, Lord!

For your precious daughter and our Mother Teresa,

Whom you chose to beatify,

On nineteenth October, two thousand and three.

Only you Lord, have known her life,

Her secret pains, her anguishes,

Her sacrifices, her struggles,

And how deeply she identified herself,

With every soul in destress,

Forgetting self.

Mighty Lord, you came to earth,

Taking the form of a little babe,

And then a little host,

Later you sent your mighty power

Of love and compassion,

In the form of petite Mother Teresa,

The embodiment of total self sacrifice like you.

Lord, her light shook the foundations

of a selfish world,

Too busy thinking about their needs,

And stone deaf to the cries,

Of those languishing in pain,

She shamed the proud with her humility,

She shamed the greedy with her contentment.

She shamed a lasy world,

With the tireless energies of her heart.

Lord, Mother Teresa entered your heavenly abode,

On Teachers' Day,

That special day the heavens and the earth,

Declared her

The World's Most luminous Teacher

Who taught by example,

And left the world better

That she found it.

O crown that noble soul Lord

That apostle of the Unwanted,

Saying, Well done, good and faithful Teresa,

For you reached the unreachable,

And taught the unteachable,

And became the holy channel,

Of your Master's love and compassion,

To a hurting world.

We thank you, Lord,

For that beautiful soul,

So filled with human and divine love,

As we ask you

To hasten Blessed Mother Teresa's canonisation.

We pray the church soon declare,

That rare saint - The Saint Of The Gutters

Praise you Lord for that Angel of comfortand consolation Mother Teresa.

-Ella Almeida