Are societal rules killing the fun in your life?

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From the time we’re old enough to understand what people are telling us, we start getting a series of rules to follow. A world based on rules is inherently limited. In this life, there are so many rules. There are some that are put in place for our safety, like stop at a red light and go at a green one. However, there are a lot of other rules that we feel the need to follow because, it’s social norm. These rules can feel outdated and cookie cutter and, they really aren’t at all necessary to follow. Rules are made to be broken, especially these


We get to kindergarten and there’s a set of rules on the chalkboard. As we get older there are entire departments designed to do one thing: Make sure you follow the rules. This structure and a world based on rules have limitation built into it. Too many rules actually get in the way of a person’s ability to tap into their true potential. It’s time for a change. Throw your rule books away and remove the limits that are built into the system. They say rules are to be followed, right? Well, rules mentioned below are meant to be broken and burnt to the ground:

No means ‘No’: Kids in particular are used to hearing their parents or teachers telling them this. But, society as a whole will imply this as if it has truth to it. Growing up being told ‘NO’ is bound to damage you and deter you from asking for what you want. No doesn’t always mean no. If you are passionate about something try again and then, again. Never give up on something that is important to you. Be persistent and always ask more than once. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Don’t brag your accomplishments: You can’t expect to accomplish anything if you believe accomplishments shouldn’t be shared. Or worse, that other people shouldn’t share them. In our society we’re taught bragging is a bad thing and sharing our accomplishments is wrong. Why? There’s a couple of reasons: People who’ve achieved less may feel inadequate. People are jealous of others successes. Notice how these issues are ‘people’ problems? That’s right, which means ‘you’ are not the problem in these scenarios. If you’ve accomplished something and you’re proud, share it with confidence.

Don’t promote yourself too often: Another silly rule society will expect you to follow. There’s no exception to this rule. If you don’t promote yourself, how is anybody supposed to know ‘who’ you are? It’s a noisy world full of billions of people so you’ve got to promote yourself as often as possible. Nobody’s going to do the self promotion for you, so it’s your job to break this rule and make it happen.

You have to go out clubbing on a weekend: You are not automatically the most uncool person in the world if you don’t go out on a friday night or for the entire weekend. The only types of people who think that way are people who are immature. It’s okay to have a mental health weekend, to kick back and just relax. You’ll be a lot happier when you wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and everyone else has a hangover.

Remain mysterious: Sure it’s fun to play these games with the people you are casually dating, but if you feel there is potential with someone, why hide who you are? Talking about who you are, what you believe in, your fears, hopes and dreams doesn’t make you too forward. It shows that you are putting it all out there and want to make a real connection with a person. Games ultimately will lead you nowhere - takes off the mask and be you.

The saying, ‘monkey sees monkey do’ exists for a reason. But you’re a human being, not a monkey. So avoid feeling like a monkey!
The rules are for people who are willing to settle for a mediocre life because they aren’t willing to put in the time or effort to create an amazing one.
Contrary to what we’ve been taught over in school, success does not come automatically to those who simply follow the rules. Decide to create our own.