Afghan Church & Saffron Flag's of Terror...


The Indian Home Minister recently commented on saffron terrorism and talked about several blasts linked to the saffron groups and cautioned about the attempts of the saffron groups to radicalize Hindu youth. But why did the Home Minister use the word ‘Saffron’ that’s because all the Hindu terror groups ( rss, vhp, bajrangdal, shiv sena, ram sene, durga vahini, abhinav bharat, sanathan sansta, etc) use Saffron Color Flags. The Hindu terror groups are masquerading as Hindu cultural groups.

The attacks against JEWS stopped when the Nazis were defeated and decimated in the 2nd World War…..The attacks against Muslims & Christians in India will stop only when all the Saffron groups are defeated and decimated…….The Question is who is going to defeat & decimate the Saffron Groups…….and who is going to stop the fundamentalism & polygamy among Muslims…..and who is going to stop the fraudulent conversion activities of the Christian Missionaries.

The Britishers built a church to commemorate the dead of the disastrous First Afghan War of 1838 in which the British suffered a complete rout. The church is known by the name Afghan Church. The church is located in Navy Nagar in the Colaba area of Bombay (changed to Mumbai not under any historical facts but on the goon power of facist party the Shiv Sena. The Shiv Sena which has dominated the cash rich BMC for the last 25 years allowed the UPs & Biharis to encroach land in Bombay believing that the ‘Bhaiyyas’ & ‘Biharis’ would become their permanent vote banks). The Management of the Afghan church is involved into illegal deals to sell church property to the builder lobby and this has shocked members of the Protestant denomination. Whether it is the Protestant or Catholic churches almost all the churches in Bombay are involved in illegal deals with the builders lobby. Greed has overtaken the Catholic Priests & Protestant Pastors in Bombay. Jesus Christ struggled against corrupt political & religious people of his time and now the time has come for catholic/protestant parishoners to struggle against the corrupt political & religious people in power.

In the present war in Afghanistan against the Taliban the British have lost around 500 soldiers and the Americans have lost around 2000 soldiers and several thousands have been permanently injured. Will the Americans and the Britishers build Churches in USA & UK to commemorate their soldiers who have died fighting the Taliban ? Obviously No. The Americans have replaced the God of their Founding Fathers with the false gods of self, convenience, lust, power, sex, and greed & the Britishers have stopped going to churches so why would they build new churches.

The Babri Masjid Demolition, the 92-93 anti-muslim riots in Bombay carried out by shiv sena, the 2002 anti-muslim riots in Gujarat carried out by sangh parivar (rss,vhp,bajrangdal,etc) and the Kashmir dispute are the four main reasons why some Muslim Jihadi groups with the help of Pakistan Army & ISI are carrying out terror attacks in some of India’s cities.

An ideal situation should have been for the Hindutvawadis ( rss, vhp, bajrangdal, shivsena, etc) and the Jihadis ( Lashkaretoiba, simi, huji, etc) to target each others Leaders, Cadres, Financers, Training Camps & Offices. But since both the Hindutvawadis & Jihadis are cowards their targets will always remain innocent civilians.

The Hindutvawadis (rss, vhp, bajrangdal, etc) apart from being anti-minority are also anti-maoists but since the Maoists are loaded with arms and ammunitions the Hindutvawadis don’t dare to attack the Maoists.

The strength of the Hindu Fundementalist’s are IAS/IPS officers. Without the support of the ias/ips officers the Hindutvawadis will find it extremely difficult to function.

The Hindutvawadis also have a large number of highly skilled commentators on the Internet. These hindutvawadi commentators are experts in distracting people from the real issues.

There are hundreds of training camps all across India where the Hindutvawadis train their cadres in offensive and defensive techniques and in recent years some of their cadres are also being trained in assembling bombs. Since the Indian govt. is turning a blind eye to the activities of the Hindutvawadis in the months & years to come the Hindutvawadis will become more powerful like the Al-Qaeda & Taliban.

The Indian govt. has pumped in billions of tax payers money to fight the Maoists but the Indian govt. does not show any seriousness in fighting the Hindutvawadis.

The Hindutvawadis don’t need any Blackberry or yahoo or gmail for any of their anti-minorities mission this explains why the Hindutvawadis are not bothered about the Indian govt. trying to monitor the Web. The Hindutvawadi leaders openly in public meetings or through their newspapers/magazines instigate their cadres to harass minorities and the local police & administration turns a blind eye. This proves the local police and administration are hand in glove with the Hindutvawadis.