Kashmir, Kerala & Konkan

Kerala may be the highest literate state in India but its educated people don't have any meaningful jobs other than rice cultivation and fishing. Due to which the educated malyalees/keralites have no option but to migrate in large numbers to other countries especially Gulf countries for jobs ofcourse the malyalees are also spread across all major Indian cities. Kerala also exports a large number of missionaries, nuns & nurses. It is the responsibility of the Kerala Government to make kerala an industrial state and provide jobs for its educated inhabitants.

The Babri Masjid Demolition, the 92-93 anti-muslim riots in bombay carried out by shiv sena, the 2002 anti-muslim riots in Gujarat carried out by sangh parivar (rss,vhp,bajrangdal,etc) and the Kashmir dispute are the four main reasons why some Muslim Jihadi groups with the help of Pakistan Army & ISI are carrying out terror attacks in some of India's cities.

An ideal situation should have been for the Hindutvawadis ( rss, vhp, bajrangdal, shivsena, etc) and the Jihadis ( Lashkaretoiba, simi, huji, etc) to target each others Leaders, Cadres, Financers, Training Camps & Offices. But since both the Hindutvawadis & Jihadis are cowards their targets will always remain innocent civilians.

The Hindutvawadis, Jihadis, Christian Missionaries, Maoists, Naxalites, Goondas, Mawalis, Slumlords, Corrupt Politicians/Bureaucrats/govt.servants, etc will continue with their activities there is nothing the common man can do. The value of the common man is ONLY on the voting day and not on any other day.

Konkan Pradesh is a historic and ethnic territory and cultural region and must be recognized as such. Konkan Pradesh includes - Surat, Dadra, Silvasa, Districts of Thane, Bombay, Raigad, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Karwar, Honavar, Gokarn, Hubli, Dharwar, Goa, Mangalore, Kerala, etc. Although at the moment there is no Konkan Pradesh, that is no reason to assume that this will always be so; there is great pressure to carry forward the States Reorganization Committee 1957's work, that has been unjust to smaller nationalities (e.g., Kodagu, Kutch, Vidarbha, Khandesh, Telengana, Kamptapur, Bhojpur, Brajbhoom, Bundelkhand, Baghelkhand, Rohilkhand, Videha-Maithilkhand, etc.), and to establish new provinces.

Mark D'Souza