H. J. Goveas

London City

"Gerald..., what happened baby.....? Since the last hour, you haven't been speaking to me...what have I done....? Please do tell me baby...." Ruefina chokingly clutched my arm in her persuasion at which I angrily sulked at her over my shoulder and threw my glance over the window.

Ruefina was perplexed! She withdrew her hand which clutched my arm and was saddened.

The train hauled at 'Queens'. I threw my glance at my wrist watch, it was 8.20PM. There were still 25 minutes left for us to reach 'Earls Court' muttered under my breath as I was drawn back to my flashback.

Ruefina is my wife. She was bestowed with such beauty that any woman claming the miss world title would shy off from her presence.

After completing my MBA, I joined a reputed American company in Delhi and worked for 5 years, on a health pay package and was the master of my will.

Ruefina was in search of a job, she came to our company along with her certificates. She was a gold medallist in computer science.

I had a drop to the MD's (Managing Director's) cabin for some official work. On my way out, my sight fell on Ruefina, who was proceeding towards the MD's cabin.

For that moment I forgot myself! Her grace, her radiant smile, her goddess chiseled figure, got her awe struck to put it simply. She had the attraction that no man could resist.

She greeted me with the soft smile and entered the cabin. For a moment or two I just stood there; then I fled to my cabin.

That beauty, those same recurring instances clouded my mind. Those features had weakened me. Soon after, I recovered. Two days passed, I did not meet that damsel again. I didn't know a thing about her, who would answer my queries about her?

Yes I should ask the MD and calm my anxious mind. Based on this conclusion, I went to meet the MD at his leisure. (Being the section chief of Asia and Europe, I had no problems in linking with the MD)

Based on the MD's information, I was updated that the girl was refused due to lack of

Experience and responsibilities. Although she was asked to come later, preparing herself to suit the company.

Hearing this, I was saddened. I requested MD for her Bio-data file and returned with it to my cabin.

After deeply scrutiny of her certificates, I realized that no one could question her eligibility for the post in the company she had applied for; I contacted her and asked her to meet me in the company immediately.

Ruefina refused to work in our company. I pleaded to her, but her decision was firm and she rejected my prospects that saddened me.

That later part of the day was gloomy and I could not complete my work further. I gave a word to my personal secretary and left to a restaurant.

I ordered for a cup of coffee and was lost in her thoughts.

Suddenly I recalled something!!

I realized that if she was not interested to work in the company, then what prompted her to leave her bio-data file back? This question further cemented my attraction towards her. The next moment I finished my coffee and left to her residence to meet her.

She lived with her parents along with her younger brother in a specious apartment.

The door was opened at the instance of door bell sending. Ruefina had attended it!

She recognized me and greeted, with her silence smile and questioned- "I am not interested to

work in your company, so why did you come here to seek me......?"

"Won't you ask me to come in.......?" I asked her in the same calmness.

"No...." she replied "Just wait there, I will be back out" She withdrew herself back shutting the door.

I was hurt by her gesture, but option less I stayed back.

Ruefina returned back dressed within 5 minutes. For a moment, I left myself to wonder about the beauty of this graceful doll and visualized her featured deep my heart.

"Let's go" she was quick and sharply entered the lift.

Reaching down, I drew my footsteps toward my car.

"I will come in my car, I don't have to bother you to come and leave me back" Without waiting for my reply she got into her car and drew off.

I didn't lose a moment, annoyed by her strange behavior though I was, to calm my restlessness, I followed her.

After driving of about half an hour, her car parked in front of a big building. She got out of her car and walked toward my car, so I too got out.

She pointed her finger to the building and said, "I have a flat in this building on the 3rd floor. I come here to read books when I get depressed. In one way you could call it a library for sure....."

I was dumb founded. Lot of questions clouded my mind.

We reached the 3rd floor and Ruefina unlocked the door of her flat.

Finding the flat designed with hundreds of books stacked neatly, I was stunned!

She asked me to take a seat, while she took the chair in front of me. "Yes, so now tell me although I have refused..... why, you after me....?"

"You refused or you were rejected......?"

"Rejected.....?" she laughed "Who told you that.....?"

"The MD told me so......" I replied immediately "If you had refused then why you had, left your bio-data file back....?"

"Yes, you have a point. But I left the cabin, in a hurry....."

"In a hurry, you say......?"

Her face was expressionless.

"You are still naive and gullible in taking responsibilities and have not enough experience. Isn't it, the reason why MD has rejected you.....?"

"Since your MD has rejected me on account of my incompetence, why does it matter to you.....?"

"On surveying your records, certificates, your qualification and taking into account the experience you had drafted in your bio-data...."

"So your MD is lesser judge than you.....?"


"Although the MD has refused me for the post on a, account of lack of experience and responsibility, you get me the post against him. Lest you are confused....."

For a moment she quieted and looked at me.

"......." I was not in the state for any reply.

"Listen..." she said, "Your MD wasn't interested to hire me on the job, instead, sexual life, and how a woman could satisfy her boss. The importance of sexual openness shedding all a satisfying subject....gestures and how we can have it for full satisfaction...., these were his questions.....

"I was so uncomfortable to answer his vulgar questions. He did not even unfold my bio-data. I couldn't answer to his sexual vulgar questions. He was ogling at me alcoholically and left his dignity. I felt ridiculed and abused. He thought he could have me. I did not oblige. Compared his job to my sandal and got up....

"Immediately he too rose and braced me to persuade. But I pushed him aside and fled from his cabin. It was later that I realized, I left my bio-data, which had full information of my contacts.....

inquired about me"

Learning from Ruefina about the state of the company, I felt ashamed to be a part of such a firm.

After a pause, I saw Ruefina pitying and consoled her, "Sorry Ruefina, now I know the truth. But you are so attractive and beautiful, that any man would lose his mind. Evidently our MD fell in bad direction to your glory and intended to have an affair with you. However, as long as I am there, that would be impossible. It would be best to excuse whole matter..." I said solemnly allowing my gaze towards her.

"........" she said nothing, but looked at me differently.

"What are you thinking.......?" I asked her inquisitively.

"What post you hold there......?" she questioned me.

"Oh, excuse me...." I said, "I haven't introduced myself yet. I am Gerald, Gerald D'souza. MBA- Master of business and administration is my qualification. I am section chief of Asia and Europe. I have also a power to hire and fire people.

"......." Ruefina starred at me as a cheaply.

"........?" I returned her stare questioningly.

"You may go now....." she said rising up.

Perplexedly I too rose up.

"You are the same as your MD. I find no difference. He was crude in his attempt to

modest me, while you have opted to beat about the bush...."

"What do you mean...?" quickly I asked her.

"What do you think, I am.....?

You go about boasting your qualifications....explaining to me the meaning of MBA. You think me to be under informed. Well..., excuse me; but you see I wanted a job, just to while away my time worthily.

You see come from a family back ground where we are, far more well off than, you could possibly imagine. You boast about arrogance....if I were to do the same, you scram from mother is a high court chief justice and my father, a F.R.C.S. Doctor, a cardiologist and me myself...."

"Pardon me...." I broke her in between, "I did not know that you are from such a big qualified family. I just thought that you are just a gold medallist in computer science and assumed to be lesser than me. Now that I come to think of it, MBA is a course opted by many and it has lost its mark. On the other hand, I see that you are well informed and computer science is a growing prospect. I am sorry.....I leave now..." I said sadly and turned to move.

"Wait..... so now we understand each other better...." Ruefina talked to me kindly now and asked "

Are you married.....?"

That was unexpected question from her.

Before I could say something, she sat down again, "I can say that you haven't married.

Any girlfriend...?"

"Excuse me!" I felt uneasy.

She laughed.

I got courage and took my seat too.

"Mmmm..." she scrutinized, "by your nervousness I can decipher that you had a


But due to some unexpected reason, you couldn't marry her. Now you might be feeling lonely and are seeking a life partner in desperation"

"........" I was perturbed.

".....I am right, am I.....?

She gesture her long slender forefinger at me.

I braced myself and held my ground "You may be good at face reading, well educated or whatever that is you do, but don't assume your judgment fall in place all the time. I have been bachelor all my life......"

"Alright.....alright, it may be so....there is no need to blow you top off..."

she drew herself closer to me and slipped her arm locking it unto mine and  said " I am sorry"

I said nothing, but instinctively lose her hand to my lips and kissed it. I began to woo her,

"You are truly beautiful. You are gentle and carry a good head on your shoulders. Apart from all that, you also are well educated. Any man would desire you to be his bride. You would be a blessing upon him and his fortune."

"Praising me, indirectly to appreciate yourself.....?"  Without any feeling she said.

"Why are you saying so.....? When did I appreciate me.....?" Nervously I asked her.

"Leave it now, no use talking this topic into the long unwanted journey. You should know that I am gold medallist in psychology too. Now let it be, I will ask you a straight

question, will you marry me......?"  Soundlessly she laughed expressing her shy in a virgin manner and gazed at me.

"Sure I will marry you...." In an immediate response, I swallowed my words, "Taking you as a wife would be the great opportunity, luck and wealth; and that the lucky person would be, myself"

"That is why....." she said, "Praising me, to appreciate yourself I said"

I was ashamed in front of her.

"Don't feel bad. In a life, there are many things takes place. And sometimes, it happens by our own selves. In your case, how true and good you are that you know well. And as same as you, I am also a human being. In my case, how good, bad or mean, I am that I only know and my God.......

"I am 27 now and also I think you are not less than 30. Instead of asking me to join in your company, if I would be given a chance in your life, I would talk to my parents." Ruefina said in a cool manner.

"Your parents would agree for this proposal?" I was doubtful "In a short meeting, without knowing each other, without knowing our past, is this possible for a marriage talk......?"

"While going to see a proposal, also it is a short meeting of understanding....." Ruefina said quietly.

"But in that kind of arranged marriages or proposals, both the parties are gathering total information in advance"

"How much truth and how much lies?"

I was speechless!

"Gerald...," first time she took my name so kindly, that I was melted like wax on my seat.

She took my hand near to her chest and said, "I didn't think, while bringing you here, that I may talk about my own proposal. About my marriage I didn't want to think, due to one awful incident in my life. But that God only knows, why and how, this marriage topic came from me. Why my mind attracted towards you. I am taking decision one time and that is final"

"I also promise you Ruefina..." I also took her hand, touched it to my chest and said to her- "I will never hurt you in any case in my life. I would love you more than my own life"

Suddenly my flashback into the past instance, were broken!

The train was pulled up at Earls Court station.

I threw my glance at Ruefina.

Her eyes were full of tears.

"I am sorry my love...." I murmured and kissed on her cheek.

Immediately the smile appeared on her face.

Next moment she hugged me.

We got out of the train.

Holding close each other, we started to walk towards to our home, which was 15 minutes away from the station. We were calm, but our feelings and mind were fully occupied in each other.

Again my mind entered back to past, which continued the flashback.

"Sure....., that you will never hurt me..?" Ruefina did ask me in her library flat.

I have given my word and promise my dear, please don't doubt me." I made courage pulling her near to me and kissed on her forehead.

Ruefina was fully impressed. May be this was her first experience. No matter how much you are qualified and cleaver, but when love boils in heart, the two forgets everything. And here, Ruefina too hugged me with her full spirit.

While in hugging we forgot everything and for how long we were standing in each

others' hug we were unknown.

And when my cell phone started ringing, we have awakened from the love sleep! I

removed my cell from the pocket and checked.

My MD's picture was appeared on the screen.

"Hello sir...." I answered.

"Hello Gerald......?" I heard my MD's voice from other end.

"Where are you.....?" MD asked me.

"I..., I am at the private meeting; any urgency Sir.....?" I asked him quickly.

"Not really today, but tomorrow meet me at my house. We have a new deal. I think

you remembered, some time back we have sent our proposal to the British company and that has been accepted. Tomorrow their delegation is reaching in Delhi. We have to pick them up,dropping them to the hotel and there are many things to be attended...."

"Yes Sir!"  I switched of the cell and pushed back into my pocket.

Ruefina was starring at me.

I explained, her the news.

Again we hugged and separated slowly.

After reaching my home, my mind was clouded with many instances. I was feeling guilty, but I helped myself and tried to pull me out from those, poisonous thoughts.

From her side, Ruefina was granted permission to get married.

British delegation and our company's meetings were successful and it was decided to have an office branch in London.

I was appointed for a new post as a General Manager in London's branch office; and within 3 months, I had to transfer to London. On company behalf, I was offered a specious apartment, a new car, servant etcetera. I made my mind, before my transfer, to get married; so I could take my wife along with me, to enjoy the company's facility.

It was agreed from both the parties and we got married!

All of it sudden, luckily Ruefina as a wife entered in my life.

What is written it is done. Yes! It happened in my life.

It was the first night of our marriage. We had to talk many things, many other first experiences we had to share and realize.

'0' volts, soft power was on and we both were on our bed, in each other's arms.

"Gerald darling...." Ruefina said, while her head was on my chest and in one hand she was playing into my hair on the chest. "Is this yours too, first experience.........?"

"Of course ...." I too made her closer to me and in one hand petting her head lovingly I asked,

"Why did you ask.....? You have any doubt on me.......?"

"......." She made no answer but her hand, in my chest's hair went on playing.

"You are only the first woman in my life...., please believe me. I am ready to take any oath......"

Belief is very important Gerald. Oath is just to make relax. Sometimes people lies after taking oath too. In our relation, we need not take help of oath. I believe you......" Ruefina said politely.

"I had one man in my life, before you...."

"What....!?"  I was stunned. I took off her hand from me and sat on the bed.

"You..., you..., before marriage....." I couldn't speak further.

"Yes....yes, tell me....., ask me....?"

Ruefina questioned me as on lying.

"I didn't even think, that you....."

"Me what....?" Now Ruefina too rose up and sat.

"You should have told this before our marriage, that you had an affair with someone.  Angrily I said to her and, "What rights you had to spoil my life.....?"

"It was because, I said; and you came to know. If I, wouldn't I tell you, then.....?" Ruefina asked me in a soft voice.

"One woman's virginity could be tresses out on her first intercourse. And since I am your husband, I could have also come to know the truth, if you wouldn't have......"

"But we didn't have intercourse yet...." Ruefina broke in middle.

"Good......  Before I step further, I came to know the truth from your own mouth." I

insulted her angrily and "From now our ways are different....."

"You know Gerald, how selfish you are.....?"

"But I am not bad as you are! I am still a virgin man and you aren't......"

"How you can say that I am not virgin.....?"

"How you can hide the truth.....?

Feeling sorry for your naked truth....?

What you want to say, that in your life the man came was saint.....?"

"That is why I told you, belief is important than, taking oath. Oath cannot be that sure, the person is telling the truth. After taking oath, I know people how true they are....."

chokingly Ruefina said. "Listen, you know who was in my life.....?"

"I don't want to listen about your affairs with your boyfriend, before marriage"

"You have to...." Ruefina said raising her voice. "His name was Clifford, a law student from my college.

He was a brilliant student, who was praised very often, by many pupils and the professors. I heard about this chap many times, but I was not sure who he was. Most of the college girls were after him, but he was away from all of them and longing for me, which I didn't know....

"One day he was hurry to proceed towards to the classroom and was dashed me, while I was also way of my classroom, which caused my books to fall down....

"He felt sorry for the incidental cause and said 'I am sorry' while he bent and picked up the books and handed over to me. Same time he recognized me and said,

'Oh that you, Ruefina.....? How are you.....?'

"I felt, this man did purposely and I too answered him,

'I am fine and I am also sorry'

I slapped him and made my way to the classroom without waiting for his answer....

"Later I learnt that was Clifford, who loves me within him. But I was helpless and ashamed to go to him for the apology. My slapping behavior damaged him bad and that after, he did not appear in front of me. I was waiting for the chance to meet him. One day I saw him from far distance and approached him and confessed in saying, 'Clifford, I love you' it was my courage to say so......

"He paused to me for a while and without any feelings moved. I stopped him, taking his arm, 'Clifford, I am sorry for that day, can't you forgive me?'

"A soft smile appeared on his face.....

"Oh thanks Clifford, I can guess that you have forgiven me....,'

I told him immediately.

In a replying manner, without saying a word, he stared me.

I saw his beautiful eyes and told him, 'Clifford, you have very attractive and beautiful eyes.

These eyes speaks the truth'

"His cheeks widened, 'I am leaving.....getting late' he said and moved towards to the classroom.

That after, we were became good friends, meeting everyday. We both were aware in

our clean love and had a plan to get married, soon after completing our studies......

"But it was God's wish, which had something different for us. It was our final year; and exams were over. First time we have decided to go far away together by a car. So we met on the appointed place.....

"Clifford wanted to visit Agra to see a Tajmahal, so we made our minds to drive all the way to Agra. Clifford wanted to drive, so I sat beside him, while he started the car....

"Clifford was a good driver. We were busy in talk, while the journey was quite interesting. Suddenly, seeing an old man lying on the middle of the road, Clifford had no choice other than to apply immediate brake to save him! This caused a horrible instant to our car, due to its speed. Turning down towards another speeding truck resulted of an accident, dangerously!!!

"When I opened my eyes in the hospital, it was over! First I did ask Clifford. My dad was comforting me; later I came to know that I was unconscious for five weeks, since the accident took place. I was kept in the I.C.U. I had a big damage in the chest; and due to this, my liver was smashed. I was declared clinically dead.

"But Clifford had a big lose in his life! His backbone was broken. Above the shoulders, he was steady and below it, his none of the body parts were functioning. My Dad and other Doctors did their best to treat him well....

"When Clifford learnt, that I am clinically dead, due to my liver damage, he wept a lot. He wasn't bothered for him, what had happened, but my situation made him worse and he stopped to take any food that was fed to him by nurses. Since his hands and any part of the body were not responding, so he was like a dead body on the bed. But in sense and brains he was intact and perfect...

"Every moment, he was inquiring about me disturbing everybody in the hospital, around him and wanted to see me, before he dies. So my Dad, put him on the wheel bed and brought to the I. C. U. where I was on treatment....

"Seeing me on that condition, he pleaded my Dad, as saying, "Doctor, however, I am not going to live more, but Ruefina should live. She is young, how she can die?  I don't know how far medical science made progress in achieving transplantation. If there is a possibility in liver transplant, I want to donate my liver to Ruefina"

"Hearing Clifford, my Dad was shocked. Liver transplantation was not possible in India, but few cases of liver transplantations were successfully carried out in U.S.A. There was only option, that my Dad should appoint a foreign surgeon for this case to save his daughter.

"Though, Dad had to refuse to Clifford, because of a major risk in such kind of transplantation. He cannot put ones life into danger to save another......

"Dad said to Clifford, I can understand your feelings Clifford, liver transplant is possible only abroad but not in India. For this I have to call, experienced surgeon from abroad. But still there is no 100% guarantee. First of all, there should be a matching each other's parts as well in blood. I know your blood group is same as my daughter. But it is again a high risk. I cannot take a chance putting your life in danger. It is illegal and against the law......

"Where I am alive, Doctor.....? Where I am alive...?' he cried. 'None of my parts are functioning, except my brains. And I am as a half dead man on the bed, to whom you all are trying to keep alive some more days by feeding. Please don't ignore doing this favor to me Doctor. Before it is too late, try to save Ruefina Doctor.....' He cried loudly.

"Clifford's strong pleading request, my Dad was option less other than accepting his offer and made his mind to do something. So he did everything necessities required by the law and also got the permission from Clifford's parents and appointed a specialist surgeon from United States to do this liver transplant.....

"Team of specialists, arrived from United States to India for this transplantation. They have taken 750 grams of liver from Clifford and transplanted into my liver....

"The transplant was successful. Clifford was happy and comfort showing a soundless soft smile on his face......"

"So what happened, before your recovery from the clinically dead to life, Clifford was

dead?" Hearing anxiously, I made a question, which annoyed Ruefina. For a while she paused. There were small tears in her eyes, I could see in that soft light. I was sorry for the interrupt.

"After five weeks, when I was out of danger and back to life; I saw firstly my Dad then later everybody......

"I was shocked to hear full story after the accident! There was no end for my weeping eyes. My Dad was worried for me. Though, I was weeping in my heart. 'Why Dad you all saved me......?

Why didn't let me die with Clifford? For what this life, should I live without Clifford?' I made complaints....

"What are you talking about my baby?

Clifford had made such a big sacrifice for you, donating his major part of liver, and you want to die without seeing him?' My Dad asked me....

"So what my Clifford is alive......?"

For my sudden question, all were stunned and saddened, which made them to bow-down. 'Clifford is still alive, because he wants, you to see him before he dies. These were the words from Dad and I rose up from the bed, and moved towards.....

"Where is my Clifford....? Where is my Clifford....?'

I cried.  'Come I will show you him' holding my arm, Dad made the way to Clifford's ward, where he was on the bed, lying straight with the hope of seeing me, may be......

"Immediately I ran towards him, withdrawing my arm from Dad's hand and fell on to Clifford's chest and cried in my heart pain, which I couldn't bear anymore.

"What happened, my love.....?

What happened this to us.....?"

I cried loudly.

'Thank God' Clifford said, 'My prayers were, before my death, you should see me, really God is great, he heard my prayer. Now I can die, peacefully'

", I will not let you die...., you have to live...., you have to live for me.' I cried loudly brushing my chin against Clifford's chest.

'Be patience my love, I am not alive, my whole body is dead since the accident took place. Only my brain is alive, just to see you....yes I can see, that you have recovered from the dangerous condition and will live many more years. My living is in such condition, putting all in trouble and problems. All are suffering from me. Even I am suffering from my own body. Living like this, is a curse to hate myself...I am suffering my love....,

I am suffering from this body.

Please let me go, let me die......release me from this suffering body...' chokingly Clifford wept.

"Listening to Clifford, all people around him, wept silently. Clifford's parents, brother and sisters, all were weeping silently.....

"I moved from Clifford, towards to my Dad and hugged him, 'Daddy..., you are a,

big, professional Doctor, can't you make anything and save my Clifford?' I begged him.

"Dad explained me the truth, 'Listen my child, Clifford's back bone is totally damaged! You can say the spine is totally destroyed!! And due to this, there is no connection passes to any part of his body. So he is totally disabled now. It is great and the miracle that so far he is alive!

'Since there is no connection from the brains, his all parts of the body stopped functioning. Any human being would not live up to this stage and any Doctor of this world cannot save him from the death, so far he is alive only for you....

"Listening my Dad, I was also were half dead, but I did not lose my courage. I said to

Clifford's Dad, 'Uncle, I really don't know how many minutes, how many hours or how

many days, Clifford will live. His every second and minute, I want to spend with him and serve him. I will take him to my house, instead of keeping here. My dad, also a big Doctor, we can treat him better than the hospital. I don't want be caused any trouble to anyone, no matter whoever they are. His last days I will dedicate him in my serving, for God's sake, don't refuse my plea....' My heartbroken crying request nobody could turn down.

"So Clifford was brought to my house. But he was not happy for what I did. He was longing for his death and I was trying my best to keep him alive! Every second and minute, day and night I spent near his bed. He couldn't bear this, but was helpless.

"He was questioning God, 'why are you doing this to me?

Can't you feel any sympathy on me, can't you give me a death, while suffering others, for my sake?'

he was crying behind his heart. But the tears were flowing from my eyes, which others were thinking that I am crying, but I knew, the maximum tears were from him, which flowing from eyes....

"Death will never touch unless the time comes, and the life will never end unless the time ends' as per this phrase Clifford was alive. Whole life I was ready to spend near his bed, I only wanted his love nothing else. Firstly, Clifford's relatives were coming everyday to see him, slowly they cut down their visit to weekly, gradually their visit become, monthly and finally they stopped coming but the calls were made very frequently. However everybody have their own work and responsibilities. For that nobody can be blamed for any reason. Blaming others, for any reason, can be said, weakness of our own nature.

"Between this, our results were published. Clifford was stood first rank in the whole university in L.L.B. degree and I achieved highest marks in B.Sc. Clifford congratulated me, but for his rank, he was saddened. Coz, it was not worth for him at his death stage.

However, his death was sure and he lived six and a half months in my house. The final breath he took off on my lap only! Finally God pitied him, and taken his life to the final destination, at his kingdom.

"There were no tears in my eyes. May be with his last breath all tears also dried up. I wanted to cry, but my eyes were dry. Only heart was sad that ever, I may not be able to laugh. After that, I had no interest in any activities. My life was paused. Hardly, I had to compromise to my parents force, that I have continued my studies.

After, M.Sc., in psychology, Computer Science and Economics, I earned Gold medals.

"Being well educated, I hadn't try anywhere for the job. But for my Mom and Dad, and also for the sake of self and peace of mind, I did apply to some of the reputed companies among them one was your company, where I have mentioned only about my Gold medal in computer science. Rest you know what happened. Somehow, I liked your nature and thought to get married to you, instead of being all alone in life without meaning. But while getting you to my library apartment, I didn't think of it, that I may remove the proposal topic. After all it was written, so it happened.

"I didn't get a chance to tell you about my past. But after marriage, in any case, that if you would come to know my past, which could affect our marriage life, thinking on this ground, I had to tell you about me. But you took it to wrong sense and condemned me. You didn't even try to understand. Instead, you gave me a certificate of a whore, that I am not virgin......

"Regretting for getting married, you thought to leave me. I am virgin Gerald. My

love with Clifford was only heart to heart, but nothing else. I am clean in body as well as in soul. A non virgin lady could give many reasons to her husband to hide her past. But sometimes, man could detect the truth soon or later. He may take wrong step and ruin his marriage, or for the sake of peace, he may keep his mouth shut.....

"Mean time, same with the man; after being long time with the woman, enjoying several sexual experiences, he may hide it from his newly wedded wife, saying that he is clean and virgin...."

Ruefina was very saddened after telling her long feeling full and emotional story. Her eyes were wetted. For me, she had to remember her dead Clifford once again and obviously she was sad! She lay back to the bed. I was ashamed and angered on myself. I too lay downed next to her and hugged her in my persuasion.

'I am sorry my love, I took you in wrong meaning. Suppose, if anybody comes in the life, it is not that they have to sleep together. There are lovers that they love only from clean mind and heart. But people like me selfish are giving bad meaning to the clean love. I believe you that you are a virgin and even I had nobody in my life, either I hadn't sex with any woman...' I assured her.

Ruefina believed me. Slowly we forgot everything and entered in the main course. I was really satisfied in making love with Ruefina that left no doubt, she was virgin! It is a fortune that, this age any girl remains virgin till the marriage period. However, our further days were spent nicely. I had a transfer to London and Ruefina joined me. From the company side, I got a specious apartment at Earls Court. Same way, Ruefina too assigned a big post in a reputed company.

Both of us, loving each other so deeply, that ever for a small reason, we hadn't any argument or fight.

On Sundays we were free and once in a month, we use to spend whole day out of the house to roam together in a train, parking our cars at home. Our meals we use to take in the restaurants and while back to home, we do some shopping for us.

Today being a Sunday, we were out! Finally we stepped in the Herads Department Stores for some shopping. We were at the perfume shop, while somebody tapped Ruefina. Turning towards seeing him,

"Oh Hi, James, How are you, How is your mistress and the baby?" Ruefina asked him. And introducing me, "This is my husband, Gerald...."

James shook my hand and said, "I am Ruefina's assistant, working for 'FEST'

'FEST.....?' I asked him, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh Gerald, that is our company, 'French Engineering and Science Technology" Ruefina interfered.

"Okay...Okay...." I said calmly, "I am GM in NTLE. I was posted here a year ago..."

"NTLE.....? New Technical Life & Engineering! This company is, U.S.A and U.K's. joint venture. Reputed with in the short period in U.K., you both are working for the well known reputed companies...." he added.

"You are Ruefina's assistant ....? That means....?"

"Your wife is my boss" James laughed. "I am Asst. Director Gerald. In fact, I am senior in the company and Asst. Director. I was not given the post of out going Director. Ruefina was immediately selected upon her interview with the company. Learning her qualification, she was invited in the Board of Directors meetings, where she was asked difficult and hard related questions to the post, which I was unable to answer. But Ruefina did it easy, as she is well known and deserve to hold the post. Moreover, her qualification and experience, related to the post was exceeding. Satisfying with Ruefina's answers, Chairman and board of members happily selected Ruefina for the out going Director's post."

Hearing this, I was proud of Ruefina, mean time myself I found I am lesser and small. Also I noticed, holding such a big post, she never mentioned to me, how she got it.

"You are very lucky Gerald...."

James continued. "Everybody likes and admires Ruefina in the company. She has no pride for her position. She is kind and frank with all her juniors. Now, I heard that she will be given higher post than the present one...."

"James...." Ruefina interfered "Now we have to do some shopping and then want to go our home too. Stop praising" Ruefina muttered.

"Okay....." James said, "I am not disturbing you'll now, but in one condition, that next week you both are invited to my place...."

"Next week.....?" Ruefina asked.

"On September 12th" James answered.

"September 12th......?" Ruefina asked again.

"Why....?" I interfered.

"My wife's birthday, both you should come!!"

"Perhaps we cannot come....." I said harshly "That day I have to go out and I am taking Ruefina too......"

"Where we are going Gerald.......?"

Ruefina asked me in a soft smile. "Our schedules are always planned before a month. And you are saying on September 12th, we are going out......?

Why, only on 12th, this whole month we are not going anywhere. Why are you trying to escape Gerald.......?

James is my good friend. He is a very helpful hand for me in the company. I like him. We have to go to his house on September 12th ....we shouldn't escape"

While Ruefina proved that I lied in front of James, I didn't like it. But I was helpless to say anything right that time. I kept quite.

"We are coming James...."Ruefina turned toward James and said "No matter what day that is, we will surely come to participate in your happiness, I promise."

Without my wish, deciding her making a promise, I couldn't bear. I was hurt, but was helpless in front of James; and agreed to go on September 12th, to his house. James happily left us and moved away.

From the perfume shop Ruefina bought some perfumes for both of us and we came out of the Herads Department Stores.

After that we got the train for Earls Court. Ruefina was unknown that I was hurt by her own decision and proved me that I lied to escape. So I was sulked and didn't speak to her all the way in the train, which she observed, and tried to ask me. But I looked at her disgusted and threw my glance over the window.

Realizing my mistake, I apologized to Ruefina and now we are on the way to our home getting down from the train, while I was drawn back to my flashback. However, we reached to our home. It was 9.30PM

Ruefina entered the kitchen to prepare the supper, while I went for a bath and became fresh.

As usual, I made a peg for me and sat in from of the TV.

"The food is ready baby; I am just going to take bath and will right back there"

Ruefina kissed my lips; carried a bath towel and fled to the bathroom.

I threw my glance at her back; my mind again saddened thinking of September 12th.  I was feeling something upset for the date. Something old memory had in my brains, which I hardly tried to forget. And now the same date September 12th made me to think again the past, which I didn't want to think.

My glass was filled with the 2nd peg.

"Why today you poured the 2nd peg baby?" Ruefina saw me pouring a 2nd peg, while coming out of the bathroom. She was wearing a night gown. From behind she bent and kissed my forehead.

I raised an eyebrow. She was looking graceful. She had lot of love in her beautiful eyes for me.

"You are so beautiful my love..." I said gently "You love me so much and sometimes I am hurting you......"

"You didn't hurt me anyway baby, why do you blame yourself? Ruefina again kissed my forehead.

"I am feeling very uneasy my love, something......, some old memories disturbing my mind...."

"I know baby...." Ruefina said lovingly. "Buried old memories in your life, again started to follow you, after meeting James. We shouldn't hide anything Gerald, have to confess and keep the mind clean. Which makes the heart light; this is only the way out to get cure for the disturbed mind"

"....." I couldn't speak

"Food is ready baby, shall we eat......?" Ruefina said kindly "Try to forget the past and cheer up. Sleep well, morning you will wake up fresh"

"Okay my love" I finished my glass.

After eating, we went to the bed. In Ruefina's warm love, I slept well. The past thoughts were vanished and I woke up fresh in the morning.

Next day was Monday; we had to go to the office. Ruefina's office was located at Trafalgar Square and mine was at the Opten Park. We were going to our offices separately by our cars. While leaving the house we had a habit to hug each other and kiss the lips.

On the way to the office, I remembered yesterday's conversation. If James wouldn't tell about Ruefina's post and respect that she is getting in her company, I wouldn't know anything. She is so humble and kind. She never mentioned anything great about her own self. That is why she was annoyed at her library house, when I spoke about my qualification and post, she compared me to our MD.

While seeing the office building, my thought got cut off. I parked the car and went to

my office. In the office while on my work, I am not letting any thoughts to disturb me.

This was my nature. I was not disturbing by any call to Ruefina. Even she was also aware of my nature and was not disturbing me while I am at the work, unless it is very important

While I was busy on my work. My cell phone disturbed me! I threw my glance on the cell's screen, it was my sister Ingrid.

"Yes baby, what's up? Tell me, what made you to call at this time.....?" I asked her nicely.

"Big brother, I am fine. Mommy and Daddy too are fine. How are you and my sister

in law......?" Ingrid asked on other end.

"We are fine baby; your sister in law also joined a company....."

"Sister in law also working.....? Yes, that is why nobody picked up the phone, since I was trying to call you at the house"

"We both are working, so the maid comes only in the evenings. That is why you did not find anybody to answer your call. Now tell me what is urgent....?" I cut down the long talk.

"Big brother, my proposal was fixed. Boy is in Germany in good work. Uncle arranged this proposal. Boy is reaching to Delhi, by tomorrow. You have to come for this proposal and should bring my sister in law too"

"When the date is fixed for proposal.....?" I was anxious to know.

"Thursday, on September 12th!"

"What.....!?" I was stunned.

"Yes big brother, boy has no much time, he is coming only for a week. Then he will come in January, after four months to get married. We didn't want to fix the date, without your knowledge, but due to the short notice, we had no choice."

"......." I was speechless

"What are you thinking big brother.....?"

"Is Dad around.....?"

"Yes, here he to him"

"Hello Gerald, how are you my son....?" My dad attended the phone.

"I am fine Dad, Ruefina is also fine. What is this Dad, after fixing everything, you remembered me.....?" I complained.

"Listen son, my younger brother, your Romrick uncle arranged this proposal. Boy

Adrian is Romrick's friend's son. Adrian is an automobile Engineer in Germany. He is not only on a good work, but with good salary and other facilities too. We saw his CD album with lots of pictures. He is just handsome and good looking......

"Ingrid never liked any boy so far, but this boy yes. Her picture Romrick had handed over to his friend; who has forwarded to his son Adrian. He is quite happy and he too agreed to marry your sister......

"Boy is with good nature and qualified Gerald, as per the information. We were always looking for such boy for our Ingrid. Finally Ingrid got a boy as per her own choice. So we went ahead to fix this proposal due to short notice of time...."

Dad was just going on telling and I was quietly listening.

"After completion of ME, Ingrid was all at home. Even her desired job she couldn't find. Boy is only coming down for short time, for the sake of fixing this proposal and will rush back to Germany to resume his work. Then he will only come after four months for marriage, and while back to Germany, Ingrid would be accompanying him. So you try to come immediately. Otherwise Groom party will be disappointed........"

"Okay Dad, I will do my best to come down......." My voice was soft, a contented murmur.

"God bless you son......" Dad disconnected the line.

Hearing the date of the proposal of my sister, I was totally annoyed and my mind was clouded with the unaccepted problems. Same date!, September 12th!!, Why this date is after me!!!? I questioned myself.

To Dad I said, okay that I am coming. But is it possible for me to go? I was helpless in the situation. The same day, invitation was already given by James, for his wife's birthday. Mean time on the same day my only sister's proposal. What should I do?

I did not want to go to James house and I tried to escape with some reasons, but Ruefina proved that I was escaping and from her own side she promised that we are coming.

Ruefina and James are colleagues. They are good friend more than brother and sister. Mean time my sister's proposal was arranged on the same date. If I would tell Ruefina about my situation, would Ruefina believe? She loves me more than anything and always trying to keep me happy by her graceful natures. So how can I turn down her wish? Also how can I ignore my only sister's proposal ceremony?

My mind was upset with many questions and I was stressed! I was helpless. I cried from my heart to God, what should I do?

September 12th had played lot of games in my life. This date had ruined my happiness in past. When I think of this date, obviously I am getting nervous and irritated. Yesterday just to escape from this date, I was proved a liar by my own wife Ruefina in front of James. And I showed anger to Ruefina, by not speaking for a while in the train, for which Ruefina was perplexed and saddened.

However, later in the night by Ruefina's love, I recovered. But in the morning, again, by my sister's phone made me more upset, by the same date.

Ruefina gave word to James and for any reason she may not change promise. Vimral's wedding is great dream for us. In fact she is very dearest to me. From her close side, I am the only brother, who cannot ignore her ambition and happiness.

Finally I made my mind and entered into my work. I couldn't put my head into work, since it was distracted. But I couldn't help. Because it was Monday loaded heavy working day after Sunday.

In the evening, Ruefina had called, "Gerald, I may come little late; I am going to Kent straight away from the office...."

"Kent.....?" I questioned.

"Yes baby, I heard there is one big antique shop, where we can get many historical antiques...."

"Antiques....?!" I surprised.

"Why did you surprise baby.....?"

Ruefina asked gently. "James wife likes antiques, so the reason I am going to bye something nice antique piece for her birthday"

"James told you this.....?"

"No..., no, how he can tell that.....?" Ruefina answered quickly, "James has invited many staff and colleagues. This is a first time he is celebrating his wife's birthday. Among them one of his closest relatives told me the taste of his wife"

"Okay, understood..." I said unhappily, "Try to come soon my love, without you I am feeling much loneliness and bored. Today my mind is much disturbed"

"Again you have taken the past things to your mind....? What did I say yesterday.....?"

"What to tell you my love....? You come soon, I am waiting for you, I love you...."

"I love you too baby..."

Ruefina has disconnected the line.

September 12th James' wife's date of birth....? Antique.....? What is this....? I was going mad.

Returning from the office, I had a shower and awaited Ruefina. At 9PM Ruefina entered the house. She was carrying a box. Could be an antique gift, I guessed. She put down the box on the table and bent on me and kissed my lips-

"Sorry baby, I am late...." She said softly. "Over there, there were so many antique gifts. To see them one by one I was confused to make the selection. Finally my eyes spotted this piece....." She said pointing the box.

"......" I raised en eyebrow.

"Do you know what is in that box....?" She sat next to me.

I threw my glance over the box.

"September 12th!" She laughed loudly.

"September 12th?" I was irritated.

"Yes baby, date piece of article, of September 12th...."

She explained "About 300 years back, Swedish King Frederick 4th, sent one diving youth group to the Atlantic Ocean to find out the depth of the sea. They were seven youths and all of them were very smart divers.......

But one returned named 'Martin Clips.' Others all were drowned. Martin Clips went to the depth of 35,000 ft., and picked up, one ft. long, rectangular shape blue colorful crystal diamond stone, which he has presented the king....

"King Frederick 4th was so happy to accept the valuable rare stone; and honored Martin Clips, with a gold medal weighing the same weigh of the stone. King Frederick 4th appointed a famous sculptor to give, a beautiful shape to the stone as engraving it into SEPTEMBER 12th!!!

"The stoned was designed with flowers and mentioned on it SEPTEMBER 12th. The reason was simple. In 1702, Swedish King Frederick 4th wanted to present a great valuable gift to his Queen Louisa on her 30th birthday, which was on September 12th. This gift was became world famous valuable piece......

"After the King Frederick 4th, his siblings have protected this SEPTEMBER 12TH stone in their dynasty for another 200 years. That time, Sweden and Norway countries were ruled by one King.....

"In 1902, when the two countries separated, Norway's King Oscar 2nd got this SEPTEMBER 12TH stone to his Kingdom and he has kept the same in the museum with the many other valuable and historical antiques. So this crystal diamond stone was remained another 100 years in the museum and later, all the antiques were sold on auction and closed the museum........

"300 years back, the King has presented the gift to his queen and the same gift, we are

going to present to James's wife on her birthday. I am lucky to have such historical and valuable antique. James' wife would be so happy and I am sure though she appreciates antiques, but ever she didn't have such one for her......."

Ruefina explained the history of her antique gift, while I was silently listening.

"It is too late baby, please give me two minutes, I will have shower and right back. Then will continue..."

Ruefina brushed her nose against my chin and walked towards to the bedroom.

I rose and went to the bar cabin and removed a bottle and a glass as usual. While sipping the whisky, I went deeply into the matter, 'what's going on?' I muttered, but was answerless. Antique.....?

September 12th these questions were making me mad and


Ruefina ordered the maid to prepare the supper and entered the bathroom with a bath towel.

After few minutes, Ruefina came out from the bathroom and sat in front of me.

I starred at her graceful face emotionally.

"What happened baby.....?"

She asked me gently, "Since yesterday you are disturbed"

I felt like to tell about my sister Ingrid's proposal, but I couldn't. Ruefina was so anxious and curious to go to James's house on the birthday; and for that she went all the way, from her office to Kent and bought a valuable antique gift to present. If I would tell anything about my problem, that will sound not so good at this moment.

"Today the work load was heavy, so the cause of my mood is not so good" I tried to pretend.

"Oh...Gerald, you don't know even to lie right way...."

Ruefina said laughingly. "Don't forget that I am a gold medallist in psychology too"

I was speechless!

"The gift I brought, don't you want to see it.....?"

"What makes difference my love.....? To whom you brought let her see it"

"Alright....! Now you are not in a good mood your mind is clouded with some disturbances. I will not force you to tell me what was wrong with you. And yes, you will tell me one day for sure" Ruefina told me politely and starred my face.

I poured another peg!

"Two Thousand Pounds!!" She said.

I sip the glass.

"It is still cheap...." Ruefina said again

"I kept the glass on the tea-poi and starred at her.

"Oh....ho, speak anything baby......" she was distracted by my silence.

"Hear you think it is cheap, but if you calculate Indian money, it will be more than Rs.160, 000" I said firmly.

"Hmmmm, you have already calculated the amount and still kept quite" Ruefina pinched my cheek gently and said, "The people do not know the value of the things; that is why I got this antique in cheap price. Price tag was five thousand pounds on it. I told the shop keeper, I don't have that much money. He said he will give me some discount. I told him, if he gives me some discount that would be a small amount. I have only two thousand pounds.

"So he explained the story about the antique. Also the story book along with the pictures of the king and queen is enclosed in the box he said. From last few years, he is

holding this piece in his shop and people returns without buying after checking the price.

"I thought, I will come again with more money, being satisfied with the antique. But the shop keeper didn't want to lose the customer and was ready to give for two thousand pounds.

I didn't speak.

"Can I serve you, baby....?" She asked me.

I have nodded with a gentle smile.

"Only two minutes" she fled to the kitchen

September 12th! Blue crystal diamond stone engraved by a famous sculptor and presented by the King to his queen before 300 years. The same antique gift is in James's wife's luck. May be she was the same queen in her previous life. That is why she likes antiques. Thoughts were filled my mind.

After supper we went to the bed. I remembered Ingrid. But I was helpless to discuss the same with Ruefina.

The day brought after 3 days was September 12th! Very hardly I explained my sister Ingrid that I couldn't make the day to reach for her proposal. She was deeply upset and Dad was too saddened.

"Today try to be home soon, baby..." Ruefina reminded me while leaving the house.

"I will....., my love..." I kissed her lips and left the house, as she too left to her office.

At 5 PM we both reached home and being ready at 6.30PM, we left the house by car from Earls Court, all the way to Queens, where James was staying.

Sending a call bell at the James's house door, door was opened by James. Seeing us, being happy, he welcomed us and made us sit in the hall room. There were already some guests and office staff sitting before we reached.

"James, where is the birthday girl......?"

Ruefina asked anxiously.

"She is on the phone, talking to her mother, inside the room. They called to wish her...." James said.

"Where she is from in India?" Ruefina asked James.

"Darjeeling....." James said.

One small girl came out from inside the room.

"This is my daughter, Geraldina! She is six years old" James introduced showing his daughter.

"Geraldina!? Very different and interesting name...." Ruefina said laughingly. "Anyway, is there some meaning hiding behind this name....?" She asked.

"Oh Yes! Our daughter's name was created by my wife......"

"Wonderful! Geraldina name could be carrying a special meaning I suppose" Ruefina quoted and gazed at me.

"Oh..., here she is come!" Showing his wife James said; and clutching his hand into her arms persuasion, he said, "Namsil, meet my Boss Ruefina and her husband Gerald. They are been waiting for you to greet....."

"Many Happy Returns of the Day Namsil....." Ruefina rose and wished her. "You look so good and beautiful" She added.

Seeing James wife, I was shocked!!! Several thunders broke on my head. I was almost paralyzed! In the fearful eyes I starred her!!!

The same experience happened with her, seeing me at her house. She raised her, an eyebrow on Ruefina.

"Gerald....., wish Namsil......" Ruefina reminded me, while I was surprisingly gazing at James wife.

"Mmmm, many happy returns of the day" I murmured at Namsil, bowing my head.

But Namsil looked disgusted. She was gazing at me in the same disturbed manner.

"Namsil, what are you thinking....?" Now James interrupted "He is Gerald, my boss's breath. Handsome and good looking guy isn't.....?"

James laughed. "That is why, the beauty Ruefina chosen him as her life partner" He added.

"I heard that you like antiques...." Ruefina said to Namsil pulling her towards, "The King presented gift to his queen before 300 years, we have bought to you...."

Handing the gift box to Namsil, Ruefina said. "Open and see"

"300 years antique!?" James was anxious to see the antique. Mean time surrounded other guests came closer and demanded Namsil to open the gift box.

Namsil again gazed at me.

My sight fell on the ground.

"Open and show everybody..." one demanded among, mean time others joined him.

Namsil opened the box and removed the one ft long, blue diamond stone, designed with flowers and engraved as SEPTEMBER 12TH.

Namsil, gazed the gift with the big eyes, while all removed a surprising sigh seeing a historical antique gift!!! James started to dance happily. Even I too lost my sense and surprised to see such a beautiful created antique!

"Namsil likes antiques very much and always, I have presented her, whatever antique she has asked for...." James said. "But this is different, marvelous! So expensive historical antique Namsil has got to her 30th birthday, I can't even imagine!"

"Wait...... just a minute......!" Ruefina interrupted "Is this Namsil's 30th birthday....?"

"Oh, yes...." James said "But why did you ask....? I have just invited my guests but didn't tell anybody which birthday was....."

"That's it!" Ruefina said "There is a story book of this antique in that box. Just read it, you will understand"

"What's important of the story.....?" James threw his shoulders.

"You see, 300 years back in 1702, Swedish King Frederick 4th has presented the same gift to his Queen Louisa on her 30th birthday!"

"What!!!?" James astound, "Fantastic, then for sure, the same beautiful, kind and good behavioral queen got another life as Namsil and married me after 300 years. No wonder she likes antiques! Because, she is the same queen....." James said laughingly "After she came into my life, I am happy, wealthy and optimistic"

Namsil had no expression on her face but in deep thoughts she was staring at the antique!

James took the antique from Namsil's hands and kept it beside the birthday cake. It was 8.00pm all invited guests were present.

Happy birthday song sang by all. Namsil has cut the cake! The first piece Namsil fed James, while the half bite, James has fed the same back to her mouth. The second piece Namsil fed her daughter.

I was clouded with the unexpected situation. The past incidents happened in my life; hardly I have left behind and started a new life. But I did not even think that again, would face me in my future life.

I was so nervous and helpless, which made me option less to stay back or leave!

Namsil was damned looking good. In reality she was beautiful no doubt. She was no lesser beauty than Ruefina. If these two beauty dolls were selected for the beauty contest, so the Judge would confuse and delay the judgment to choose the right one.

Alcoholic glasses were passed many times in front of me, but I didn't pick any.

Music was playing on the stereo. James took his wife as a dancing partner. Both started to move the romantic steps around. So, the others too joined them to make it beautiful.

Ruefina with a soft smile looked at me lovingly. Since I had fear and distraction on my face, I couldn't even give back a small smile to Ruefina. I failed to hide my fear behind my face, in the awful situation.

James watched us. He left Namsil and came to us. "Come on, all are enjoying and you both are sitting quietly.....?" He forced us to come on the floor.

"No James, please....." I said to him "Don't force me"

"Okay..." He threw his shoulders. "Can we....?" He proposed Ruefina.

"Sure....." With enigmatic smile she threw her glance on me and went to dance with James.

Namsil went and sat in front of me. Her birthday's happiness hardly she wore on her face. But sudden and unexpected situation, that also on her birthday in London, she happened to see me at her house; she couldn't believe and was disturbed.

Many questions, many complaints and hatred were flowing from her eyes!

Dancingly James came to me and "Oh, come on Gerald, don't you think that you are ruining the happiness of the party.....?" If you don't want to dance with Ruefina, than please dance with Namsil. See, she is watching you sitting front of you there..." showing Namsil, James told me.

"If the party's happiness spoils because of me, then I am leaving" I said to James and rose up.

"Oh, I am sorry! Sorry, my meaning was not to hurt you. I just wanted you to enjoy with us. If you are not willing to dance, its okay, okay..." James threw his shoulders and moved.

I took my seat again.

James sent Ruefina back. He again took Namsil and started to dance.

Namsil was still eager to watch me. She was leaning above the shoulders of James towards me.

Party was ended at 11.00pm! Everybody was happy being in this birthday party.

'Good food, good entertainment' many of them were grateful. Everybody has appreciated Namsil, being invited them to her birthday. One by one started to move, while we too planned to leave.

Seeing at me, James pointed out, "Gerald, I haven't seen you drinking. Don't you drink.....?"

"I drink, but today I did not" I said calmly.

"During the get together, parties, mostly people take a part in drinks to enjoy. But very rare people like you, don't drink. What do you say Ruefina.....?"

James questioned Ruefina.

"No comments on this topic. Because, Gerald is well understanding person and he knows better to handle the situation. I don't drink, so I can't say anything about this." Ruefina said laughingly and pulled my arms towards her and hugged me lovingly. The turned to James and said, "Party was wonderful James. Thank you very much to invite us for this great occasion"

Then Ruefina moved to Namsil and said, "If possible, please do visit us with James. I couldn't speak to you much today Namsil" She hugged Namsil and kissed her cheek.

Namsil gave a soft smile back to Ruefina.

"Yes James, the party was really good. We are leaving now" I shook James hand and seeing Namsil, I tried to shake her hand wishing her good, but immediately she carried her daughter, ignoring my wish.

I pulled back my hand.

"We are leaving......"

Hardly the words came out from my mouth.

"Bye uncle...., I am optimistic to see you again...." Geraldina waved her hand towards me. I was happy to hear the loving words from the angel doll and gave her a thankful smile.

"Yes my sweet darling, will see you soon....." Ruefina hugged Geraldina and kissed her.

While back to home, Ruefina asked me- "Didn't you like the party Gerald......?"

I noticed Ruefina changed her loving language, as from baby to directly Gerald.

"It was good, but why did you ask.....?"

I replied immediately glancing Ruefina, holding the steering in one hand.

"Just like that I asked" She said gently.

After reaching home, without further delay, we went to the bed. Ruefina has laid facing the ceiling. Her eyes were open.

I was very next to her, the same position in calmness, as bearing the heavy burden and weight of the mountain on my head.

"Namsil is beautiful, isn't.....?" Ruefina suddenly broke the silence.

"Not that much, as you are!" I replied in a soft voice.

"That is why you separated from her......?" Slowly putting the weight on each word, Ruefina muttered.

Suddenly I felt, seven-eight thunders broke on my head!!! I changed my position and stared at Ruefina.

"Geraldina...., very different and beautiful meaning holding name Namsil has kept her daughter. This name is also funny beside the common names!

What do you think Gerald......?"

"If you have anything to tell or ask, then ask me directly love...." I couldn't keep shut anymore.

"Gerald and Geraldina, good names. Namsil must have kept her daughter's name, could be based on something she likes I suppose. What do say Gerald.....? Geraldina! Ha, ha, ha..." She laughed and changed her position staring at me.

"So much you guessed and still you were quite.....? Whole party you didn't show anything, that you came to know many things?" I asked her holding my breath fearfully.

"Gerald....., at James house, when your sight fell on Namsil, I understood something. But I had to behave that way. I knew that you will tell me everything. Your fearful and nervous eyes were hidden, watching Namsil in the party, while her eyes were too on you, which were expressing the stunning signs. Though I was in the party, but I was reading both of you. I was dancing with James and meantime watching you both, that in calmness you both were speaking from the eyes, in silence questioning each other, etcetera.....

"Even I noticed, while leaving their house, you tried to shake Namsil's hand, but with the ignorance she refused and carried her child. Nothing was hidden from me Gerald.

Everything I understood......." Ruefina went on telling.

"James said, their daughter's name was created by Namsil. The same time something struck my mind. But I was not sure of the truth. And when Namsil came from inside, the two pairs of eyes, starred each others so deeply, where I learnt the correct meaning of the name.

I was speechless, who couldn't even interfere in Ruefina's comments. The reason, she was telling the truth.

"In our first marriage night, I asked you, 'whether it is also your first night with the woman, as of mine?' And you were ready to take any oath right there, hiding your past. I told, in belief there is no need of oath. Because I knew people lies even after taking oath. And I was correct! Among them you are also one of the big liars!!

"When I confessed, that I had one man in my life before you, you were mad in anger! Without knowing the truth what was it, you were ready to leave me, right there at the same moment, giving me a certificate of whore. I cleared your misunderstandings and explained the whole story of Clifford, to whom I loved during my studies......

"I proved that, we loved each other in a clean manner without sin. Believing me on the story which I have pictured, you realized and apologized. And after the intercourse you believed that I was virgin and clean.....

"In my library house I read you, that you had a girlfriend in your life, and due to some reason, you were separated and couldn't get married and you were feeling loneliness. But you refused to agree and showed your untrue anger, saying that you have been bachelor all your life.....

"I believed you. After Clifford, I did forget everything and did not want to marry any man, in my whole life. But your words and attraction changed my decision and I agreed to marry you. As I told about my life, if you were also told the truth as telling that you too were engaged with one woman, I would have believed in a clean heart and would still marry you. But the real truth you hid from me......

"If we weren't reached, James's house on Namsil's birthday, this truth would have graved with your death! But as phrase, truth never dies, as the same the truth came to the light!! Now I want to hear, everything happened between you and Namsil, without hiding anything. Otherwise I may not sleep hereafter!!!"

Ruefina said all these things in one breath. I was the criminal in front of the Judge to accept my crime, I felt.

'Yes I should tell.... I should confess my crime....I should uncover me, in which, I am hiding. Rufina loves me from her bottom part of the heart. She believed and married me. I have deceived her, I have cheated her. She was good at face reading, while still I refused to agree my past while marring her. In front of her, I am very small and nothing. Perhaps she may forgive me or hate, but I can't hide my crime and sin anymore from her. Yes I will tell her...., I will tell my whole reality. If she forgives and still loves me, then whole my life I will offer myself at her feet..... I will be her slave.....'

"Gerald....!" Ruefina raised her voice and said, "I want to hear the truth, but not the calmness...."

While I was fighting with my conscience, Ruefina awaken me.

"Surely I will tell you my love...surely I will tell..." My voice was transforming into fear.

"Please forgive me for my mistakes and selfishness. I am not only your criminal, but also Namsil's! Bad, liar and selfish! But my love after hearing my confession, please don't hate me. I have done a big mistake and cheated Namsil. But after marring you, I have forgotten the past and tried myself into a good life. You have given me, such a good love, perhaps nobody got"

While confessing my feelings, from true heart, I really cried. The past flashback scene flowed on my mind's screen one by one and I have started to tell the past between me and Nasmsil...........

"That date was, same as today September 12th, 1999. I was 24 years old, youth. After completion of B.Com, I was doing my MBA. From our college side, we have organized one picnic tour to Darjeeling. Accompanying with a college youth group, I dropped one of the 1st class restaurants, which was in the premises of a five star hotel for dinner.

"At that same hotel's ball room, one birthday party was going on. Most of the waiters were serving at the birthday party. Due to this, our orders were delayed to reach our table. Some of my friends were annoyed and went straight a way to the birthday celebration ball room! Helplessly few of us remained back in the restaurant, and looked forward, for the nine friends to come back.

"The boys who went to the birthday party were enjoying. Some of them had consumed alcohol too! Even they took part in dance getting the young girls as partners. The girls were dancing far better than our boys. Gradually defeated by the girls and went back to sit. Among the girls, one girl was quicker and faster in her newly steps.

"Among our boys, one fellow called Romeo was good enough in western dance. So far he was undefeated by any partners! He challenged that faster dancing girl. Alas! He was defeated by her. Eventually he had to leave the ground and run away along with other boys.

"What happened...?" I questioned curiously "You all, one by one came back running?"

"What to tell Gerald..." Romeo quoted "Party was too grand and at the same time, one after one, the beautiful girls! We have tasted the food and had drinks too. But in dance, we all the boys were defeated by the girls. Our boys proposed some good partners and danced, but they all got tired and went back to seat. Among them, one girl is, very quick in her fast moving steps, to whom, I went to challenge. But unfortunately, she defeated me too.....

"You know, she is dancing in the air. She shakes her body parts like spring. I was tired and breathless! Finally we had no choice other than, to leave the ground and run away from there.

"Gerald, in our college, you were all the time best and champion! Every year you won the medal of championship for the dance. All are saying, you are so excellent in dancing, Michael Jackson would shy off. We want you to go there and teach a lesson to that girl, that we boys are not less." Romeo requested.

"See....see," Deliberately I turned down his request, pointing out my finger to him, "First of all, we are not invited to that party. Secondly we can't go in their party and dance with any girl. Thirdly if they come to know that we are non-invited guests and trying to molest the girls, then surely we would be in trouble!  Finally...., I can dance better than Michael Jackson, only mad people can say."

"Yes..., yes, you too got scared!" Romeo said teasingly "We can't dance like you, though we went there and danced with the girls. But you are giving reasons and trying to escape. In other meaning, I can say you are not confident! You have a fear that she would definitely put you down....defeat you..."

Hearing Romeo, I was challenged! I felt, I have to enter the party and see the girl, how good she is. And I rose from my seat and moved with Romeo to the birthday party hall room.

Many couples were dancing, but I couldn't see a good dancing girl. I threw my glance in the hall and said to Romeo, "I don't see a good dancing doll......"

"I think after I fled, she must have left the ground. Because with her, an ordinary dancer cannot dance! You try to propose any girl and how good are you in dance. You see, she would be very next to you......" Romeo said.

I was ready. I knew that I am good in dance. I had my dancing body languages in a proper style. I was able to move my body according to the beats. If once I get down to the dancing ground, then I was the last to return. No girl was ever refused me in dancing.

Here too, I offered my hand one of the best looking girls and she was happy to accompany me. She was not that good in dancing, but was trying to pick up my steps. She was able to dance, so it was not that difficult for her to follow my steps style.

From far one of the tables watching girl, now came forward and tapped my shoulders!

I threw my glance at her. Same time, I threw my glance at Romeo in questioning manner.

Romeo nodded.

"May I...?" She asked.

I was just accepting her offer, at the same time, she caught my both the shoulders and turned me by her full force. I was turned so fast like flowing in the air! I felt a light giddy, but suddenly I managed to take the ground. I starred at her, while she started to dance. I threw my head in the air and slowly started to move my shoulders in a dancing body language.

She watched me in a cheap way and again caught my shoulders to turn me in the air. But I was quick to follow her way and I turned myself to manage the ground. I caught her close to my body and started to dance. She slipped like a fish and put her on the ground to challenge me.

Now the competition was started with two competitors. The girl was like a spring to move her body parts in fastest steps.

I too was not less. As per her past dance, I too put me in a fast dancing position. My buttocks and chest I was shaking in a fast sexy language. She watched my dance and tried to copy me, in the fastest mode. Actually that was my trick!! Alas! Her blouse opened and her big shaped breasts fell out from the bra!!!

She shied! Covering her both breasts in her hands, and fled the dancing floor, leaving me alone!!! I was so happy to defeat her, and kept me busy in dancing, while Romeo came closer to accompany me.

"Hey Mister....!" One goddess beauty damsel came to me and said, "I know, you are not invited; and also, before you, some boys came here, are too un-invited guests."

'Oh, God!!!' my silent surprising word came out from my heart to see her mind blowing figure. For a moment I forgot myself! Her grace, her goddess chiseled figure, got her awe struck to put it simply. She had the attraction that no man could resist.

"Who are you......?" I asked her.

"You and your friends came without invitation to eat and enjoy in this party...., and I am the key for it........" She said angrily.

"I did not understand you......" I said gently, gazing at her graceful beauty.

"I am Namsil!" she said, "I am celebrating my birthday here along with my loved ones. But you foolish boys entering someone's birthday party and disturbing their happiness......?"

"First tell me, which birthday is this of yours .....?" I took her easy.

"21st" she said quickly "Today September 12th I have completed my 21 years. So my Dad is celebrating my birthday at this place. And you'll stupid guys troubling us......?"

"Sorry Namsil..., we have come from Delhi....." I said politely, "On our college behalf we all came to Darjeeling on a picnic. We came to the restaurant of this hotel and ordered our food. But due to your birthday party, the waiters were delaying in our orders. We all have been waiting for our food for a long time. Finally my friends entered this party. They ate, danced with some girls and got tired. Among them, this man Romeo is good dancer. He danced with that girl, and was defeated.

"Hence, he forced me to come and dance with her, and did so. As a challenge I too entered this party to see how good she is in dancing. But I found something happened to her and in between she left the ground and ran away." I smiled at her.

"What you think yourself.....? Are you a dance challenger.....? I can teach you how to dance ....." She shouted. "What you think, that you are a good dancer....? My foot! I do not dance with the ordinary people, but dancer like you, I am carrying in my panties"

"You carry dancers in panties......?" I laughed "I guess your panties are very strong..... For me it is difficult to carry my own stuff; that is why I don't wear...."

"So what, left in the air..." She murmured.

"No, I am wearing briefs...." I teased her.

"You, shut up!" She said slowly.

"Then will dance and see...birthday girl, who will carry whom in panties and briefs will come to know ...." I said gently and kissed Namsil's hand.

For a moment she stared at me!

I have moved rhythmical steps into a slow action, while showed attraction waving my arms in a curving style.

Namsil watched my style of dance for a moment and put herself in the ground to challenge my dance!

"Nmsil is dancing!" I heard this noise shouting around by some girls and boys who were aware of Namsil's dance. When they reached near us, I was really stunned seeing the incredible dance of Namsil! Yes, she was dancing like a flying spring prawn! Her breasts, her stomach, her buttocks, her arms and legs were so quicker and faster, I was perplexed! I couldn't even copy her steps!!! Seeing her unbelievable dance, I lost my limit of dancing control and I have put myself into unknowing mad dance!

"You are a good dancer!" Namsil changed her steps into my mad dance and laughingly pointed out to me.

"The dance you preformed, what is the name of it.....?" I asked her in my unworthy dance steps.

"Mad Dance.....!" She laughed loudly. "Today I am dancing, really after 3 years! From childhood I learnt to dance, I was not letting anybody to stick around. In my whole school and college carrier, I was holding a title of No.1 Dancing Doll! The last dance I have performed before three years, when I was at completion of pre-university. That was the end of 12th standard! We were holding a function in our college for the out going students. Later, I was called as 'Dancing Queen' and nobody dared to dance with me, thereafter.

"Today on my birthday, you have defeated my cousin sister, Vimina. After me, who was the best dancer ever I have seen. I was watching, all around from the beginning. When you made her to leave the hall in shy, I had no choice other than to come to the ground. I have noticed, you too a good dancer, I appreciate your courage of dance" While dancing Namsil had told me everything.

I was happy to receive the compliments from the Dancing Queen.

"What is your name......?" Putting her eyes into mine so closely, Namsil asked my name, and I forgot my name.

"I don't remember...." I replied.

"You don't remember.....?" She caught me tightly and bit to my cheek!

"Haaaaa..." I cried.

to be continued......