Fellowship Though Pongal


Kaira Social Service Society (K.S.S.S.) is committed to eradicate child labor and promotion of Child Rights through various activities such as, Child Rights, Back to School, Children's Parliament, Health Program, child to -Child Program, Innovative/creative program, Value Education, Bal Mela, Bridge Course and Parents Teacher's Association [PTA] etc. in  Ahmedabad,. KSSS has been working in Sabarmati areas with the Tamil Migrant community and has been promoting the children's rights through its "Back to School" project.

ON 17th January, 2010 K.S.S.S. staff members, the children and the people from Sabarmati area celebrated Pongal day, which is the celebration of thanksgiving for God's blessings to his people in the form of Crops and the celebration of reward of the hard work and dignity.  The People from Tamil Nadu, celebrate this special day of Gratitude in a community.  Kaira Social Service Society (K.S.S.S.) organized the celebration of Pongal day with the children and the people of its target areas who are mostly from Tamil Nadu.  The main purpose of this celebration was to bring the people of diverse culture and communities under one roof for a celebration of human dignity which will instill in children to the value of culture and hard work thus going back to school and have dignified life.  More that 200 children along with their parents and staff experienced a sense of togetherness being children.  Fr. Joseph Appavoo, the director of KSSS, Fr. Masiamani, the parish priest of Sabarmati and the local leaders were the invited guest for the celebration. The area local area leader welcomed every one with "May flower" (precious flower). Fr. Masiamni explained about the importance of the day during his speech in Tamil.  All the invited guests appreciated the children and encourage them to work hard for their bright future. The day was colored with beautiful cultural programme by the children and the ceremonies of Pongal. Every one enjoyed the special Pongal and the togetherness as one community.  The attracting part of the celebration was that children themselves took initiative to prepare for the celebration especially the Rangoli where in they exhibited the Pongal celebration and its message.  The celebration also gave a sense of belonging to the place where they are presently in.

The celebration brought millions of smiles on the face of these children and their parents. The parents though burdened by the daily tensions of poverty, had a day of joy and self-satisfaction because their children were blooming like may flowers and shining like the stars.

Sr. Rashmi L.D

Project coordinator,

K.S.S.S. Ahmedabad