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Be able to talk to anyone

Keeping up a conversation with anyone other than friends or family is hard. Being a good and sensible talker is just one of those tools that is very important, especially in your career

Unless you are the kind of person who is a total social person, it can be a struggle to talk to someone for more than a few minutes without reaching that awkward silence. Learn some tips to prepare yourself to become someone everyone loves to talk with.

Be updated
Make it a point in the morning to read up on current events. This makes all the difference in conversations because even if you aren’t completely caught up with every topic, you will know just enough to respond intelligently. But current events usually don’t impress everyone. This comes in handy when talking to your boss.

Compliment or empathise
It the person has any recent accomplishments, congratulate them. If you can’t find anything out of the ordinary to compliment them on, telling someone that you loved their company will simply do the trick. On the flip side, if someone has recently suffered a setback, empathise with them.

Watch body gestures
Non-verbal communication skills are just as important as verbal ones. Smiling while you are talking lets people know you are interested in the topic and in the conversation. this communicates that you are paying attention and are interested in what they say.

Know the good-bad topics
Your personal life is a topic that falls right on the line between good and bad. Quickly updating the other person on your family or relationship is fine, but the goal is to have a conversation that engages both people. Choose some more neutral topics to focus on instead.

  • Being able to talk to anyone means sincerely appreciating diverse beliefs and cultures.
  • Asking another person a meaningful and engaging question lets them know you are listening and interested in what they have to say.
  • When in conversation with someone from a different are group, focus on your similarities.
Talking to people is a skill, an art form and a habit. It takes years to master and is truly understood by few. But if you can master it, then it makes everything easier money, friends, connection, fun and so much more. Be sure that you are approachable.

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