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Women make up 17% of Kuwait's labour force in private sector

Manama:- Women make up 17 per cent of Kuwait's labour force in the private sector, a study has indicated.

However, Kuwaiti authorities said they wanted to boost the figure through measures that will foster women's economic and political empowerment.

The study commissioned by the social affairs and labour ministry said seven per cent of the jobs in the judiciary, military and diplomatic sectors were held by women.

Quoting from the study, Kuwaiti daily Al Qabas said Kuwait has four NGOs to promote women's rights and interests.

Women in the northern Arabian Gulf state last year made history when four of them were elected to parliament, the highest figure in a Gulf country. Kuwait also has women ministers.

However, the state needs to address the issue of allowing Kuwaiti women to pass on their nationality to their children, the study said.

Under the current legislation, only Kuwaiti fathers can give the Kuwaiti nationality to their children, a right that is denied to Kuwaiti women married with foreigners.

Another challenge, according to the study, is that Kuwaiti women are not included in the housing scheme that gives them the possibility to own houses built by the government.

"The government is working on finding solutions to the issues, but more should be done to tackle the problems, including the enactment of women's civil and social rights," the study said.

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