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Good proposals - wide choices of Christian Brides and Grooms

Royal Christian Family

Greetings from Royal Christian Family

This organisation is over 36 years old serving/helping young boys and girls in choosing their right life-partner from its wide data-bank of Christian Brides and grooms.

To get our complete service, We invite you to be a PAID MEMBER which offers several benefits for better and wider service. You can do so by paying Rs. 2000 and you will get following services:

1. You will get one year membership and service in our website  . It will provide you an opportunity to interact with hundreds of Brides/Grooms and receive proposals from opposite side. (Access to the members details will be provided only to PAID MEMBERS)

2. Your details will be circulated 12 times (i.e. once a month) in our weekly magazine The Secular Citizen and the response will be sent to you. The Secular Citizen is widely circulated in the Christian community all over India.

3. You will be provided with our initial list of Brides/Grooms to make your choices and approach, immediately on receipt of your registration form and payment.

4. You will get our weekly The Secular Citizen for one full year by post anywhere in India or by email anywhere in the world.

5. You can choose your life-partner from all over India and abroad.

6. We will provide you Christian Brides/Grooms

7. The Free registration is only with limited services/options. Where as paid registration will last for one full year with our entire package including access to members for approach.

8. You can make the payment by Bank Fund Transfer: Bank name - Vijaya Bank, Fort Branch, Mumbai. Account name: Royal Christian Family, Current Account No. 500700300005449, - ISFC code: VIJB0005007.
You can also make payment by cheque in favour of : Royal Christian Family. (or by Money Order)

9. You can always contact us for guidance, service and assistance on phone or by email.

You can download or take printout
Registration Form (Royal Christian Family) for matrimonial choices:
Download Registration Form

With best wishes,
Royal Christian Family
99, Perin Nariman Street, 1st Floor,
Nr. GPO., Fort, Mumbai 400001, India.

Tel.: 022 - 22693578, 22654924

Cell: +91 9820485389, 9820473103

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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